Happy New Year Resolutions

New Year's resolutions are a fabulous tradition. Once a year as the old one is leaving and a new one is set to begin we resolve to grow and change and become better people, better parents, better students, workers, friends, and more. What a wonderful way to welcome in a bright and shiny new year.

Not to be left out Armynavyshop.com has made a few resolutions of its own. A website and online store needs to grow and learn and change just as much as any person.

In the coming year 2012 we'll be updating our shopping cart interface to better serve our customers. It'll be faster. Which hey, who doesn't want faster right? It'll be easier to navigate. Hard to get around in is never a good thing. The checkout process will be cleaner and more concise. And of course, most important of all we'll be growing. Add fresh new products. A store can never have too much selection. We'll continue to grow our huge assortment of army navy and military clothes and supplies in the coming weeks and months and throughout the entire new year.

It is our sincere hope that we can improve your customer's shopping experience, provide a selection of products that covers every need and reach stellar new heights in customer satisfaction.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all your friends at ArmyNavyShop.com

Happy Holidays

Great holiday gifts are hard to come up with. Nowadays everyone has so very many things. What can we give them that they don't already have? That's the challenge that makes gift giving so darn much fun. NOT.

Well, we have lots of grat gift options. Especially if your bestie is a warlord or dictator. Some nice body armor and a gas mask will really show them how much you care.

But seriously. Who doesn't need a great bag. What constitutes a great bag varies astronomically per person. But one thing is constant. Adjustable shoulder strap. Many compartments. As fabulously stylish outsides as it is magnicficently organized within.

The fact of the matter is, if you truly love someone you must gift them a proper bag. It's imperative. If the holidays pass and you haven't given them a proper carryall you are not a worthy friend and should propmptly turn in your friend credentials and begin applying for a new position as someone else's friend.

Avoid all that hassle. Keep your current friends. And be a great gift giver. It's easy. Give them one of our great bags. and smile when they give you the crappy present they got from wal-mart.

Joy to the world.

Expansion Theory

We've recently added a plethora of new bags, packs, totes and organizers. We've added a whole new supplier to increase our already vast army navy shop selection by 30% and climbing. Our bag selection by far has been beefed up the most. There is also a much greater selection of firearms holsters.

We've got carryalls, backpacks, briefcases, pouches and organizer bags in a rainbow of colors, sizes and configurations to suit every person in any situation. If you can't find the bag or pouch you need at armynavyshop.com then such a bag does not exist! At least not in this dimensional fold in the space-time continuum.

For weapons enthusiasts and law enforcement personnel our much more thorough selection of pistol and rifle holsters and slings is sure to please. However and wherever you need to tote your gun of choice. Duplicitously concealed or boisterously flaunted. It's not for us to judge, just to outfit you with the appropriate weapons toting apparatus.

We've added so much new product. Literally thousands of new army navy and camouflage items of every sort. And by literally, I actually mean literally. Not like when people say literally, but they actually mean figuratively. It really bugs me when people do that.

Halloween and Camouflage

Consider this. In season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the villain Ethan Rayne turned every one who wore his Halloween costumes into their Halloween costumes. Willow, who was dressed as a ghost literally became a ghost. Buffy who was dressed as an 18th century upper class lady became such a woman. Our usual hero the slayer was helpless, confused and pretty much useless when all those kids dressed as demons, werewolves and goblins actually turned into demons, werewolves and goblins.

Thankfully one Mr. Xander Harris dressed up that Halloween as a soldier. When the spell took effect Xander was transformed into an actual soldier with a plethora of soldierly knowledge, skill and courage. It was quite fortuitious. He saved the day often on fateful that Halloween night.

So this is definitely something to seriously consider when shopping for a Halloween costume. What if a disgruntled former friend of your watcher who worships chaos shows up and casts a magical spell that turns your entire town into whatever costume they're wearing. When that happens what will you become?

You don't want to get stuck as a schnauzer or a ladybug.

Back To School Help

It's that time of year again. Summer is winding down. The kids need new clothes and supplies for the coming school year. It can be a daunting task gathering all those notebooks, pens, book bags, socks etc. to have our children prepared come the first day of school.

But armynavyshop.com makes it easier. With simple online shopping. Low prices. Fast order fulfillment.

Keep em warm and dry with in kids outerwear. Cool styles they'll love and low prices you'll be able to afford.

Kids Clothing - camo cargo shorts, cargo pants, great graphic military t-shirts, hoodies, hats, sneakers.

Don't forget their totes. They need something to carry their lunch, books, cell phones and other important things. Armynavyshop.com's selection of bags, backpacks and pouches is unparalleled in size and scope. Whatever you need to carry they have a bag to make it easy and look good too. Book Bags and Backpacks

Send your tots, kids and teens off to school in great up to the minute hip fashions that don't cost a lot. With camouflage and military themed outerwear and bags they'll look like a million bucks, but you'll have spent so very little. Get your kids ready for school with armynavyshop.com. You'll save a lot of money over department stores and they'll love their cool clothes and supplies. Everyone's a winner!

Outdoor Summer Fun Safety Tips

It sure has been hot lately across much of the United States. Americans having been baking on high from
sea to shining sea. With all that sun and heat you need to be properly prepared to keep yourself cool, dry
and healthy.

A good pair of sunglasses is an absolute must. You only get one set of peppers, so make sure to guard them against those damaging UV rays. Armynavyshop.com has a variety of sunglasses to keep your eyes safe all summer long.

When it's hot outside you don't want to wear heavy sneakers or thick socks. Sandals are a great way
to keep feet cool, especially around water wear socks and other types of shoes might get soggy. Soggy feet are not happy feet. Keep your cool and dry all the way down to your toes with a casual and comfy pair of warm weather unisex sandals.

Be prepared to sweat. It's inevitable. If you enjoy the outdoors during summer you're going to perspire. It's healthy to do so. It's your body's way of cooling itself. But you don't want to be dripping with sweat until you can get home to take a shower. And you certainly don't want to cut your fun short to wash up. So bring along some absorbent microfiber towels with you when you go out to play.

You might even try this new product. Which is designed for camouflage make up removal, but would work equally as well as a facial sweat wipe.

If you're going to be in an buggy environment then repellent is definitely mandatory. Keep annoying and dangerous biting pests away from yourself and your loved ones. Don't let unwelcome guests ruin your summer fun.

And most of all don't forget to wear a hat. In high temps and bright sun it's imperative to keep your head covered. Though it may seem counterproductive to cover a body part in the heat, keeping the sun from beating on your noggin will help you feel cool and keep heat-stroke at bay. A military style jungle hat is a great looking, comfortable and inexpensive way to keep your brain in the shade.

Little Green Men

Did you play with army men when you were a child? By army men I'm referring to those little green, plastic soldiers that came in packages of about 100 or $1.00. They were a bunch of tiny dudes with helmets and guns. They were awesome. Simple, yet profound playthings.

If you did play with army men as a kid you might be wondering whether or not they still exist. I know I am. They used to be in every drug store. Back when drug stores had respectable game aisles with fun toys for under $3.00.

Well, take heart, they do still exist. But even little green, plastic army men have suffered from inflation. The once el-cheapo toy that any parent could use to quickly thwart a temper tantrum for one dollar now costs considerably more. But compared to food, clothes and energy prices plastic army men prices have risen at a relatively slow pace. You can get 40 of them for under $3.00.

When I used to play with my friends we liked to melt them. We'd use a magnifying glass or some kid's eyeglasses. We thought we were scientists when we did that. My how times have changed. Any kid nowadays knows better than to squander a covetted plaything. Even the cheap ones are a highly valued commodity.

Many things have changed since the days when a bunch of boys would gather under the heat of the July sun and turn their plastic soldiers into waxy puddles of olive green gook. The one thing that never changes is respect for the military and all that they sacrifice to defend us.

In that respect, an inexpensive bag of little plastic army men are a priceless part of childhood.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Do you take reusable shopping bags to the store? Everyone seems to nowadays. Not only do they make less waste, but most stores offer a discount for bringing your own bags. Where I shop, Pathmark and A & P both give a two cent discount per reusable bag and Shoprite offers a huge five cents per bag. Every penny counts. Especially in these tough economic times.

The only thing is those bags can be expensive to purchase. In the supermarket they usually sell for around $4.99 a piece. Even at 5 cents savings per bag it'll still take 100 uses just to break even. Fortunately for you, we have a cheaper reusable shopping bag. Priced at only $2.66 each our bags are nearly 50% cheaper than the average. That means your actual grocery store savings start to kick in in half the time versus the price of typical eco-shopping bags.

Being green shouldn't cost you more - it should save you money. And with our bags it actually does.

Fourth of July Fun

The Fourth of July (aka American Independence Day) is quickly approaching. Fireworks, picnics, barbecues and other forms of warm weather fun are definitely in the agenda. The first thing you'll need is a flag. You can't celebrate America without old glory. Get some mini flags to amuse the kids. Maybe do your car up with an antenna flag. There are even nifty military inspired patches you can stitch onto your clothes.

Once you've got your flags it's time for friends, food and partying. Break out your best potato salad recipe, grab your cooler, some cola and maybe a wiffle ball set and head for a park or the beach. Spend the day with friends and family, good food and lots of play. Then at night, sit back, relax and enjoy the traditional pyrotechnics.

Like any major holiday, the Fourth of July is a great way and a great reminder to celebrate family, friendship and fun. How considerate it was of our founding fathers to make it so that such a wonderful occasion is right in the heart of summer. It would've sucked if they had made this awesome day happen in the middle of winter. Yet another reason to be thankful you're an American.

Slingshot Summer Fun

It's summer and there's nothing left to watch on TV. So we must, GASP, amuse ourselves. A tall order indeed. The easiest way to amuse ourselves is with food and violence. Never fails. While we can't really help you in the food department, other than to say McDonald's is unhealthy, slingshots and boomerangs can fill those balmy summer days with excitement and danger.

A slingshot contest on empty soda bottles is better for you than Chicken McNuggets. Just be careful not to injure any animals.

A boomerang is a fascinating toy. Australians tend to be a bunch of drunken heathens, but they sure got it right there. Itt's better than a Frisbee. More fun that a unicycle.

In the summer, everyone occasionally gets bored. Most of us opt for simple distractions like freecell and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. Our politicians unfortunately have baser needs.

Explain to me again why exactly they're in charge...

Perfect Father's Day Gifts

Show Dad the love with great gifts any guy is bound to adore. It doesn't matter if Dad is an outdoor enthusiast, a couch potato, or a corporate mogul. Whether your dad is gay or straight. A jock or a nerd. All guys tend to love certain things no matter what their walk of life. Here are a few suggestions.

How about a nice cellphone slash ipod holder. He can strap it to his arm during his walks or jogs. His favorite tunes, be they megadeth or streisand will never be more than an arm's length away. He can hike or jog in confidence knowing his trusty cellular phone is securely strapped to his aging bicep. When his tired old body has failed him, he can easily call you to bring the car to pick him up.

Safety first!

Our retro military fashion t-shirts are comfy, casual and stylish. They are rocking that retro mojo with their world war two inspired pin up gal graphics, distressed look and their casual laid back fit.

Every dad deserves a great pair of summer shorts. Our vintage paratrooper cargo shorts combine comfort, maximum cargo toting ability, modern good looks, long lasting durability and a fair price for high quality apparel. Any dad will look and feel great and be proud to wear these retro styled military inspired shorts. Whether he's fishing, camping or attending a summer concert by Celine Dion.

They Live!

Have you ever seen the movie They Live (1988)? It's directed by John Carpenter and stars wrestling great Rowdy Roddy Piper. It's about greedy aliens running the planet and subliminal messages (obey, don't question authority, consume, watch tv, marry and reproduce) hidden everywhere to keep the middle and lower classes apathetic slaves while the wealthy and elite prosper and gain. Until special sunglasses are invented that allow people to see the truth.

Hard to believe it's a movie from 88. It sounds like something that could've been made yesterday. It also didn't seem all that far-fetched as I watched it unfold.

If you haven't seen it, you absolutely must. It's great fun. A very entertaining parody. But at its core, it's actually trying to convey a very deep and enduring message about capitalism and classism.

This movie should be remade. They remake so many horrible movies nowadays. This one deserves another go and a fresh new audience.

In the movie the soldier forces working for the aliens and the greedy earthlings all wore city camouflage military uniforms. Get yourself some city camo and show the alien invaders that you're on to them and that we'll never let them win.

Pink Camo Face Masks

Two new items arrived today. Very, very interesting items. Pink camouflage face masks. A full face mask and a half face mask.

We started selling neoprene camo face masks a while ago. They have been a big hit. We started out with just a few of them. In basic forms of camouflage. As the demand increased, other styles were added. More camos and some interesting other ideas, like snakes and skulls.

Pink camouflage facemasks were the logical next step in the evolution of the products. They are perfect for paintballing, motocross and other face damaging sports. Girls like to play hard too. We just don't like to get our faces dirty doing it.

ArmyNavyShop.com Site Redesign

We've redesigned our site. We hope you like it and that it's easier than ever to find what you're looking for.

The new design was inspired by the very popular digital camouflage styles that are used by the united states military forces. The same digital camo style that we sell in our men's, women's and kid's clothing departments. They are extremely popular and great looking too!

The logo was redesigned using an army digital camouflage pattern for the lettering. The same pattern (only lighter) is then utilized on various highlight areas of the page to break up the content and clearly mark important sections.

The navigation bar has been condensed to make it easier to find what you want. The main category arrow buttons feature a cascading submenu that can easily be expanded and contracted by clicking on the little black arrows on the right of the buttons.

A large and easily spotted view your cart button was added to the top right of the home page. Quick and convenient access back to your shopping basket from wherever you roam on the site.

A caption was added to remind existing customers and to alert to ones to our most important quality points: Low prices! Fast shipping! Trusted since 1984.

So many business come and go on the internet and off. Armynavyshop has been in the retail business since 1984 and serving internet customers since 1998. We're here to stay.

Brand New T-shirts: Team Six and Multi-Camo

Two brand new military t-shirts every one is sure to be excited about. God Bless Seal Team Six is a commemorative military graphic t-shirt honoring the brave United States Navy Seal Team 6 personnel that hunted down and executed Al Quaeda terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden. Thank you team Six and God Bless you. Show your support and pride with this exclusive full color graphic t-shirt. This shirt is coming soon: expected availability June 6, 2011. Sizes: SMALL through 3XL.

The second exciting new item is in a new for 2011 style of camouflage print called multi camo. It's a faded, vintage look earth-toned camo print suitable for every day wear and also for hunting. The new t-shirt is an adult long sleeve.

A multi camo short sleeve t-shirt is also available here.

Simple Survival and Safety

In today's increasingly dangerous world one has to be prepared for all sorts of contigencies. We have a choice. We can either live in fear or we can take control of our own destinies. While law enforcement personnel do a fine job protecting our citizens, they cannot be in all places at all times. Much like our pilgrim and pioneer ancestors, we have a certain responsibility to protect and defend ourselves.

This isn't hard to do. It's quite simple really. Something as simple as a whistle could save your life.

A loud, shrill noise has the potential to scare off assailants as well as alerting others around you to the fact that you're in danger.

Pepper sprays are also a non-violent means of self-defense.

Of course the best protection is to avoid risky areas and situations in the first place, but caution can only take us so far. It never hurts to have some back up.

Memorial Day Celebrations

Memorial Day is approaching... do you have your supplies?

It's time again to celebrate those brave men and women who have served and defended our country. It's time once again for barbecues and picnics. Fireworks and road trips. Long days on the beach and warm potato salad. Pepperoni pizza, fire roasted hot dogs and even Tofu pasta salad. Cause that's what America's all about - diversity - freedom - three day weekends!

Whether you wish to party and pig out or just relax by the shore with your family, you'll need the proper supplies.

Stock up on cargo shorts, food insulators and laptop bags. Because even on a three day weekend you'll still want to check facebook and watch some hulu.

Have Bugle Will Travel

Got kids? Sleepy kids you can't wake up in the morning that are always missing the bus or late for school?

Need a way to get them out of bed quickly and efficiently?

We have the answer for you.

Get yourself a rooster. That would probably work. A good cock a doodle do early in the morning will probably solve your problem.

I mean, you could try discipline. Make them go to bed on time. Feed them healthy, well balanced meals. Make sure they get enough exercise. Limit television and internet. But god, that sounds like a lot of work. And you already have too much work to do. Aren't kids supposed to raise themselves?

Some do. Some don't. But parenting them certainly can't be the answer. Who does that anymore?

No. relax. You don't have to be a good parent. You just need a bugle. That's all. Give it a couple of good toots every morning and all your problems will be solved.

Bin Laden Is Dead

Everyone in America celebrated the news of Osama Bin Laden's capture and execution. The nation has been united once again.

Is this the end of the war on terrorism? Doubtful. Don't be naive. One falls, another takes their place. But our country certainly proved its mettle and strength to his potential successors.

There will always be haters, but united we stand. And this victory has united us for sure.

Still, the announcement couldn't wait til I'd seen the conclusion of CSI: Miami? It had to interrupt a mere 10 minutes before the show was about to conclude? Bin Laden was still going to be dead after Horatio divulged the details of that night's murder in his halting, exaggerated, oh so, Captain Kirk kind of way.

Where are our priorities people?!

Sufferin Succotash... Flyer's Hats!

Be vewy vewy quiet... I'm hunting wabbits. And fwyer hats.

Even if you don't have a severe speech impediment or a jones for a certain cross-dressing, carrot munching, sarcastic rabbit, you can still be just like that dastardly and dubious hunter, Elmer Fudd. Say what you will about good ol' Elmer, but the man was nothing if not persistant.

I don't know whether it's rabbit season or duck season or even if such seasons actually exist, but I do know this hat is awesome. I mean, what could possibly be better than a hat that makes you resemble a dim-witted cartoon hunter who never actually kills anything. A hat that makes you look like a cat eating alien from the planet melmac maybe. But that hat does not yet exist. This one does. So let's just be thankful for small miracles.

Camouflage Wonderland

Are you a fan of camouflage? Because if you are, you'll have noticed how it's evolved over the years. It's quite striking really to see the progression.

Back in the day, way back, camo was just shades of brown and green in hard to discern patterns.

In the 80's and 90's camouflage hit a broader stride. It became a fashion statement and a fashion staple. Suddenly there were all colors of camo. Red. Blue. Purple. It was as if a color wheel had sex with a tree.

Even still, though the camouflage and military fashion trend has its beginnings in the eighties and nineties, it didn't truly explode until the 2000's. It was then that manufacturers began marketting to a broader, more style oriented demographic.

Suddenly there were way more clothes for women, kids, babies, teens and more mens stuff too. There came pink. Digital. Desert Digital. Retro. Vintage. And so many more. Today it's a camouflage wonderland. Join the party.

Ideal for Robbing Convenience Stores

Times are tough. The news keeps saying the economy is getting better, yet somehow it mysteriously isn't. Go figure... the media is telling us lies. That's never happened before. NOT!

But we do what we have to do to survive in our times. We walk instead of drive. We bicycle. We rob local convenience stores. Maybe even banks. Depending on our level of ambition.

Hey, we were robbed first. And often. All those bailouts for people making six figures, plus million dollar bonuses. And then big corps like GE pay absolutely no taxes. And now gas prices have gone all crazy AGAIN!

With big dilemmas like these, the answers aren't always clear, but in this case, I think they are very obvious. Robbery is the answer. If you are robbed, steal back. It's in the bible... an eye for an eye.

But unlike Chevy and Bank of America your theft is considered illegal by the government. So please disguise yourself first.

80's To The Maxxxx

Do you long for the days when crocket and tubbs were cool. Sockless was in style and Ronald Reagan was the leader of the free world?

What about mirrored sunglasses. Do you miss them too? Those were cool.

Who shot JR? Who cares. I'd much prefer some OP t-shirts and reflective lens shades. Because the future's so bright.

The eighties had their many merits. Not the least of which were Pac-Man and Manimal. Bon Jovi and Frogger.

Just because it's 2011, that's no reason to forsake our love for all things 80's. Embrace your inner yuppie and just say no to drugs. That's what Willis was talkin' bout.

Decades never die. They just wait and become retro.

Your Mother Wears Combat Boots

combat boots Back when I was a kid, your mother wears combat boots, was the insult du jour.

Nowadays, if your mother wears combat boots it's pretty damn cool. Especially if she actually wears them in combat. Our brave military men and women are what stand between us and annihilation. They are the iron shield which protect our inalienable rights. They even go so far as to help procure the freedoms of others in oppressed countries. They are heroes in the truest sense of the word. So having a mom who wears combat boots is something in which one ought to take great pride.

So if your mom, does, in fact wear combat boots, say it loud! Say it proud!

MY MOTHER WEARS COMBAT BOOTS! God bless her for it!

Night Vision - Stalk in Style

Ever wanted to stalk someone (Ex-girlfriend. Evil boss. Unwitting soulmate) But were too afraid to do so? Perhaps your delicate features would betray you in prison. Or maybe you have a phobia of tubular metal bars. Whatever the reason you wish not to go to prison for stalking, but still feel compelled to stalk someone, there is a solution to your dilemna.

Night vision optics are perfect for covert surveilance. The dark will provide you cloak, but with night vision your eyes will see as though it were daylight. Binoculars will increase your visual distance. You can be far enough away to remain undetectable to your 'soulmate' and still see her up close and possibly unclothed. Camo clothing rounds out the agenda. Bushes and trees are your allies when stalking potential 'soulmates'. To blend in to them is as simple as throwing on some smokey branch or woodland camo apparel.

If your subject is hyperaware. As they tend to become after too many months of your undying love, you may need to employ the ghillie suit approach. These superior camouflage outfits will conceal you almost entirely. Your 'soulmate' will see only a tree while you intently gaze upon her as she lays across her bed in her booty shorts and scribbles her naughty secrets into her diary,

Stalking in the 21st century is a complicated and potentially dangerous prospect. But Love demands sacrifice and risk. You can keep your stalking love affair burning bright with these simple tools that will make you virtually invisible to the one you love. Because, really, what is love without a little mystery and gunplay.

Love Your Baby Military Style

Do you love your baby? Of course you do! It's your baby for goodness sake. But, do you love your baby enough to dress them as cool as they deserve to be dressed?

Sure, department stores are full of cutesy outfits for infants. But your baby is cool. Your baby deserves better than some common department store infant rack frock. Your baby deserves camouflage! Because camouflage is what all the cool babies are wearing.

On top of the empirical coolness factor, our camouflage clothes for infants are soft, cuddly and way less expensive than the typical stuff you'd find in your local chain store.

So stop being such a lousy parent and start treating your little one right. Get them some baby camo clothes. Quickly. There isn't much time. They're only infants briefly. If you fail them now, they'll spend the rest of their life being uncool and hating you for it.

Retard Those Fires

Fire retardant clothing isn't necessarily on every one's mind. Most of us don't walk through fires or even stand anywhere near them. On the other hand, there are every day heroes who risk their lives to save others on a daily basis. For them, fire retardant clothing is the least we can do.

Military, fire department, police, EMT and other public service personnel need all the protection they can get in their dangerous jobs.

Campers and outdoors people can also benefit from the added protection of fire retardant clothes.

Or even if you're just paranoid, it couldn't hurt to have that extra safeguard in place.

So go on, retard those fires. Better safe than sorry.

Helping to Fight Terrorism

homeland security Armynavyshop.com recently helped to thwart terrorist activity. Staff and owners actively work with United States Homeland Security personnel to identify and subvert terrorist threats.

Armynavyshop is proud to be an American company and is honored to be able to assist in serving America and in protecting the freedoms that all americans enjoy.

We will continue our efforts to assist the federal government in defeating terrorism in every way that we can.

Ode to the Spork

camper's sporks Spork - What an awesome, silly sounding name. Yet, its whimsical name belies its dutiful purpose. For the spork is a
camper's very best friend. What mad genius invented this marvel of the utensil world?

Sure, forks are good. As are spoons and knives. But none alone can compare to the threefold greatness that is the SPORK!

But the spork shouldn't be exclusive to campers. Everyone should use them all the time. Think of the space you'd save in your cutlery drawer and in your dishwasher. Think about it. And the hassle you'd avoid when eating. Instead of fumbling with a separate fork, spoon and knife you'd eat your meals elegantly and in style using the superior all in one food delivery apparatus that is the spork!

Get Your Fire Started

fire starter Anyone who watches CBS's Survivor knows how important fire is when you're in the wilderness. On Survivor you have to earn fire in the form of flint by winning a challenge. Fortunately, for outdoorspeople everywhere, in real life you can just buy it on the internet.

Something every camper, hiker, hunter, outdoor enthusiast and even regular people should have with them wherever they may roam. You never know when you'll need it, but at some point you probably will. And when you need it, you usually need it badly.

Fire is crucial to survival, on tv and in real life. Pocket fire starters are small, lightweight, reliable and inexpensive sources of peace of mind you can take with you on all your adventures - big and small.

Summer is Coming Get your Supplies

camo cargo shorts The summer is rapidly approaching for us folks in those four-seasoned climes. Are you ready? Are your kids ready? Cargo shorts are a must have for warm weather. Not only do they keep you cool and comfortable in heat and humidity, but more importantly they hold all your stuff. Cellphone. Wallet. Sunglasses. Keys. Cargo shorts are the man-purse you can wear!

Whatever it is you need to tote with you wherever you go, a good pair of cargo shorts can make it easy to carry and conveniently accessible. I don't know what I'd do without my cargos all summer long. No jacket to hold the stuff. Don't want to carry a purse. They are the best piece of clothing you can own come the warm weather.

As far as fashion and styling go, you can't beat the camouflage look. It's hip. It never goes out of style. And it comes in so many colors - everyone can be satisfied. Solid colors are cool too. Everyone needs some solids in their wardrobe.

Still skeptical about the wondrous properties of cargo shorts? Try a pair. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

You can begin enjoying the ease, comfort and conveience of cargo shorts all summer long by getting yourself a pair or two from ArmyNavyShop.com