They Live!

Have you ever seen the movie They Live (1988)? It's directed by John Carpenter and stars wrestling great Rowdy Roddy Piper. It's about greedy aliens running the planet and subliminal messages (obey, don't question authority, consume, watch tv, marry and reproduce) hidden everywhere to keep the middle and lower classes apathetic slaves while the wealthy and elite prosper and gain. Until special sunglasses are invented that allow people to see the truth.

Hard to believe it's a movie from 88. It sounds like something that could've been made yesterday. It also didn't seem all that far-fetched as I watched it unfold.

If you haven't seen it, you absolutely must. It's great fun. A very entertaining parody. But at its core, it's actually trying to convey a very deep and enduring message about capitalism and classism.

This movie should be remade. They remake so many horrible movies nowadays. This one deserves another go and a fresh new audience.

In the movie the soldier forces working for the aliens and the greedy earthlings all wore city camouflage military uniforms. Get yourself some city camo and show the alien invaders that you're on to them and that we'll never let them win.

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