Sufferin Succotash... Flyer's Hats!

Be vewy vewy quiet... I'm hunting wabbits. And fwyer hats.

Even if you don't have a severe speech impediment or a jones for a certain cross-dressing, carrot munching, sarcastic rabbit, you can still be just like that dastardly and dubious hunter, Elmer Fudd. Say what you will about good ol' Elmer, but the man was nothing if not persistant.

I don't know whether it's rabbit season or duck season or even if such seasons actually exist, but I do know this hat is awesome. I mean, what could possibly be better than a hat that makes you resemble a dim-witted cartoon hunter who never actually kills anything. A hat that makes you look like a cat eating alien from the planet melmac maybe. But that hat does not yet exist. This one does. So let's just be thankful for small miracles.

Camouflage Wonderland

Are you a fan of camouflage? Because if you are, you'll have noticed how it's evolved over the years. It's quite striking really to see the progression.

Back in the day, way back, camo was just shades of brown and green in hard to discern patterns.

In the 80's and 90's camouflage hit a broader stride. It became a fashion statement and a fashion staple. Suddenly there were all colors of camo. Red. Blue. Purple. It was as if a color wheel had sex with a tree.

Even still, though the camouflage and military fashion trend has its beginnings in the eighties and nineties, it didn't truly explode until the 2000's. It was then that manufacturers began marketting to a broader, more style oriented demographic.

Suddenly there were way more clothes for women, kids, babies, teens and more mens stuff too. There came pink. Digital. Desert Digital. Retro. Vintage. And so many more. Today it's a camouflage wonderland. Join the party.

Ideal for Robbing Convenience Stores

Times are tough. The news keeps saying the economy is getting better, yet somehow it mysteriously isn't. Go figure... the media is telling us lies. That's never happened before. NOT!

But we do what we have to do to survive in our times. We walk instead of drive. We bicycle. We rob local convenience stores. Maybe even banks. Depending on our level of ambition.

Hey, we were robbed first. And often. All those bailouts for people making six figures, plus million dollar bonuses. And then big corps like GE pay absolutely no taxes. And now gas prices have gone all crazy AGAIN!

With big dilemmas like these, the answers aren't always clear, but in this case, I think they are very obvious. Robbery is the answer. If you are robbed, steal back. It's in the bible... an eye for an eye.

But unlike Chevy and Bank of America your theft is considered illegal by the government. So please disguise yourself first.

80's To The Maxxxx

Do you long for the days when crocket and tubbs were cool. Sockless was in style and Ronald Reagan was the leader of the free world?

What about mirrored sunglasses. Do you miss them too? Those were cool.

Who shot JR? Who cares. I'd much prefer some OP t-shirts and reflective lens shades. Because the future's so bright.

The eighties had their many merits. Not the least of which were Pac-Man and Manimal. Bon Jovi and Frogger.

Just because it's 2011, that's no reason to forsake our love for all things 80's. Embrace your inner yuppie and just say no to drugs. That's what Willis was talkin' bout.

Decades never die. They just wait and become retro.

Your Mother Wears Combat Boots

combat boots Back when I was a kid, your mother wears combat boots, was the insult du jour.

Nowadays, if your mother wears combat boots it's pretty damn cool. Especially if she actually wears them in combat. Our brave military men and women are what stand between us and annihilation. They are the iron shield which protect our inalienable rights. They even go so far as to help procure the freedoms of others in oppressed countries. They are heroes in the truest sense of the word. So having a mom who wears combat boots is something in which one ought to take great pride.

So if your mom, does, in fact wear combat boots, say it loud! Say it proud!

MY MOTHER WEARS COMBAT BOOTS! God bless her for it!

Night Vision - Stalk in Style

Ever wanted to stalk someone (Ex-girlfriend. Evil boss. Unwitting soulmate) But were too afraid to do so? Perhaps your delicate features would betray you in prison. Or maybe you have a phobia of tubular metal bars. Whatever the reason you wish not to go to prison for stalking, but still feel compelled to stalk someone, there is a solution to your dilemna.

Night vision optics are perfect for covert surveilance. The dark will provide you cloak, but with night vision your eyes will see as though it were daylight. Binoculars will increase your visual distance. You can be far enough away to remain undetectable to your 'soulmate' and still see her up close and possibly unclothed. Camo clothing rounds out the agenda. Bushes and trees are your allies when stalking potential 'soulmates'. To blend in to them is as simple as throwing on some smokey branch or woodland camo apparel.

If your subject is hyperaware. As they tend to become after too many months of your undying love, you may need to employ the ghillie suit approach. These superior camouflage outfits will conceal you almost entirely. Your 'soulmate' will see only a tree while you intently gaze upon her as she lays across her bed in her booty shorts and scribbles her naughty secrets into her diary,

Stalking in the 21st century is a complicated and potentially dangerous prospect. But Love demands sacrifice and risk. You can keep your stalking love affair burning bright with these simple tools that will make you virtually invisible to the one you love. Because, really, what is love without a little mystery and gunplay.

Love Your Baby Military Style

Do you love your baby? Of course you do! It's your baby for goodness sake. But, do you love your baby enough to dress them as cool as they deserve to be dressed?

Sure, department stores are full of cutesy outfits for infants. But your baby is cool. Your baby deserves better than some common department store infant rack frock. Your baby deserves camouflage! Because camouflage is what all the cool babies are wearing.

On top of the empirical coolness factor, our camouflage clothes for infants are soft, cuddly and way less expensive than the typical stuff you'd find in your local chain store.

So stop being such a lousy parent and start treating your little one right. Get them some baby camo clothes. Quickly. There isn't much time. They're only infants briefly. If you fail them now, they'll spend the rest of their life being uncool and hating you for it.

Retard Those Fires

Fire retardant clothing isn't necessarily on every one's mind. Most of us don't walk through fires or even stand anywhere near them. On the other hand, there are every day heroes who risk their lives to save others on a daily basis. For them, fire retardant clothing is the least we can do.

Military, fire department, police, EMT and other public service personnel need all the protection they can get in their dangerous jobs.

Campers and outdoors people can also benefit from the added protection of fire retardant clothes.

Or even if you're just paranoid, it couldn't hurt to have that extra safeguard in place.

So go on, retard those fires. Better safe than sorry.

Helping to Fight Terrorism

homeland security recently helped to thwart terrorist activity. Staff and owners actively work with United States Homeland Security personnel to identify and subvert terrorist threats.

Armynavyshop is proud to be an American company and is honored to be able to assist in serving America and in protecting the freedoms that all americans enjoy.

We will continue our efforts to assist the federal government in defeating terrorism in every way that we can.

Ode to the Spork

camper's sporks Spork - What an awesome, silly sounding name. Yet, its whimsical name belies its dutiful purpose. For the spork is a
camper's very best friend. What mad genius invented this marvel of the utensil world?

Sure, forks are good. As are spoons and knives. But none alone can compare to the threefold greatness that is the SPORK!

But the spork shouldn't be exclusive to campers. Everyone should use them all the time. Think of the space you'd save in your cutlery drawer and in your dishwasher. Think about it. And the hassle you'd avoid when eating. Instead of fumbling with a separate fork, spoon and knife you'd eat your meals elegantly and in style using the superior all in one food delivery apparatus that is the spork!

Get Your Fire Started

fire starter Anyone who watches CBS's Survivor knows how important fire is when you're in the wilderness. On Survivor you have to earn fire in the form of flint by winning a challenge. Fortunately, for outdoorspeople everywhere, in real life you can just buy it on the internet.

Something every camper, hiker, hunter, outdoor enthusiast and even regular people should have with them wherever they may roam. You never know when you'll need it, but at some point you probably will. And when you need it, you usually need it badly.

Fire is crucial to survival, on tv and in real life. Pocket fire starters are small, lightweight, reliable and inexpensive sources of peace of mind you can take with you on all your adventures - big and small.

Summer is Coming Get your Supplies

camo cargo shorts The summer is rapidly approaching for us folks in those four-seasoned climes. Are you ready? Are your kids ready? Cargo shorts are a must have for warm weather. Not only do they keep you cool and comfortable in heat and humidity, but more importantly they hold all your stuff. Cellphone. Wallet. Sunglasses. Keys. Cargo shorts are the man-purse you can wear!

Whatever it is you need to tote with you wherever you go, a good pair of cargo shorts can make it easy to carry and conveniently accessible. I don't know what I'd do without my cargos all summer long. No jacket to hold the stuff. Don't want to carry a purse. They are the best piece of clothing you can own come the warm weather.

As far as fashion and styling go, you can't beat the camouflage look. It's hip. It never goes out of style. And it comes in so many colors - everyone can be satisfied. Solid colors are cool too. Everyone needs some solids in their wardrobe.

Still skeptical about the wondrous properties of cargo shorts? Try a pair. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

You can begin enjoying the ease, comfort and conveience of cargo shorts all summer long by getting yourself a pair or two from