They Live!

Have you ever seen the movie They Live (1988)? It's directed by John Carpenter and stars wrestling great Rowdy Roddy Piper. It's about greedy aliens running the planet and subliminal messages (obey, don't question authority, consume, watch tv, marry and reproduce) hidden everywhere to keep the middle and lower classes apathetic slaves while the wealthy and elite prosper and gain. Until special sunglasses are invented that allow people to see the truth.

Hard to believe it's a movie from 88. It sounds like something that could've been made yesterday. It also didn't seem all that far-fetched as I watched it unfold.

If you haven't seen it, you absolutely must. It's great fun. A very entertaining parody. But at its core, it's actually trying to convey a very deep and enduring message about capitalism and classism.

This movie should be remade. They remake so many horrible movies nowadays. This one deserves another go and a fresh new audience.

In the movie the soldier forces working for the aliens and the greedy earthlings all wore city camouflage military uniforms. Get yourself some city camo and show the alien invaders that you're on to them and that we'll never let them win.

Pink Camo Face Masks

Two new items arrived today. Very, very interesting items. Pink camouflage face masks. A full face mask and a half face mask.

We started selling neoprene camo face masks a while ago. They have been a big hit. We started out with just a few of them. In basic forms of camouflage. As the demand increased, other styles were added. More camos and some interesting other ideas, like snakes and skulls.

Pink camouflage facemasks were the logical next step in the evolution of the products. They are perfect for paintballing, motocross and other face damaging sports. Girls like to play hard too. We just don't like to get our faces dirty doing it. Site Redesign

We've redesigned our site. We hope you like it and that it's easier than ever to find what you're looking for.

The new design was inspired by the very popular digital camouflage styles that are used by the united states military forces. The same digital camo style that we sell in our men's, women's and kid's clothing departments. They are extremely popular and great looking too!

The logo was redesigned using an army digital camouflage pattern for the lettering. The same pattern (only lighter) is then utilized on various highlight areas of the page to break up the content and clearly mark important sections.

The navigation bar has been condensed to make it easier to find what you want. The main category arrow buttons feature a cascading submenu that can easily be expanded and contracted by clicking on the little black arrows on the right of the buttons.

A large and easily spotted view your cart button was added to the top right of the home page. Quick and convenient access back to your shopping basket from wherever you roam on the site.

A caption was added to remind existing customers and to alert to ones to our most important quality points: Low prices! Fast shipping! Trusted since 1984.

So many business come and go on the internet and off. Armynavyshop has been in the retail business since 1984 and serving internet customers since 1998. We're here to stay.

Brand New T-shirts: Team Six and Multi-Camo

Two brand new military t-shirts every one is sure to be excited about. God Bless Seal Team Six is a commemorative military graphic t-shirt honoring the brave United States Navy Seal Team 6 personnel that hunted down and executed Al Quaeda terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden. Thank you team Six and God Bless you. Show your support and pride with this exclusive full color graphic t-shirt. This shirt is coming soon: expected availability June 6, 2011. Sizes: SMALL through 3XL.

The second exciting new item is in a new for 2011 style of camouflage print called multi camo. It's a faded, vintage look earth-toned camo print suitable for every day wear and also for hunting. The new t-shirt is an adult long sleeve.

A multi camo short sleeve t-shirt is also available here.

Simple Survival and Safety

In today's increasingly dangerous world one has to be prepared for all sorts of contigencies. We have a choice. We can either live in fear or we can take control of our own destinies. While law enforcement personnel do a fine job protecting our citizens, they cannot be in all places at all times. Much like our pilgrim and pioneer ancestors, we have a certain responsibility to protect and defend ourselves.

This isn't hard to do. It's quite simple really. Something as simple as a whistle could save your life.

A loud, shrill noise has the potential to scare off assailants as well as alerting others around you to the fact that you're in danger.

Pepper sprays are also a non-violent means of self-defense.

Of course the best protection is to avoid risky areas and situations in the first place, but caution can only take us so far. It never hurts to have some back up.

Memorial Day Celebrations

Memorial Day is approaching... do you have your supplies?

It's time again to celebrate those brave men and women who have served and defended our country. It's time once again for barbecues and picnics. Fireworks and road trips. Long days on the beach and warm potato salad. Pepperoni pizza, fire roasted hot dogs and even Tofu pasta salad. Cause that's what America's all about - diversity - freedom - three day weekends!

Whether you wish to party and pig out or just relax by the shore with your family, you'll need the proper supplies.

Stock up on cargo shorts, food insulators and laptop bags. Because even on a three day weekend you'll still want to check facebook and watch some hulu.

Have Bugle Will Travel

Got kids? Sleepy kids you can't wake up in the morning that are always missing the bus or late for school?

Need a way to get them out of bed quickly and efficiently?

We have the answer for you.

Get yourself a rooster. That would probably work. A good cock a doodle do early in the morning will probably solve your problem.

I mean, you could try discipline. Make them go to bed on time. Feed them healthy, well balanced meals. Make sure they get enough exercise. Limit television and internet. But god, that sounds like a lot of work. And you already have too much work to do. Aren't kids supposed to raise themselves?

Some do. Some don't. But parenting them certainly can't be the answer. Who does that anymore?

No. relax. You don't have to be a good parent. You just need a bugle. That's all. Give it a couple of good toots every morning and all your problems will be solved.

Bin Laden Is Dead

Everyone in America celebrated the news of Osama Bin Laden's capture and execution. The nation has been united once again.

Is this the end of the war on terrorism? Doubtful. Don't be naive. One falls, another takes their place. But our country certainly proved its mettle and strength to his potential successors.

There will always be haters, but united we stand. And this victory has united us for sure.

Still, the announcement couldn't wait til I'd seen the conclusion of CSI: Miami? It had to interrupt a mere 10 minutes before the show was about to conclude? Bin Laden was still going to be dead after Horatio divulged the details of that night's murder in his halting, exaggerated, oh so, Captain Kirk kind of way.

Where are our priorities people?!