ISIS is cutting heads off children!

I don't care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, or one of the many in this country that do not even vote. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that ISIS, the extremist group in Iraq that is taking over the Country is a threat to the entire world! For those of you who are in the dark about this, ISIS has removed anyone who is not willing to convert to Islam from their homes and taken them over. Presently there are about 40,000 dis-placed people that are now in desert mountains without food or water. That's the ones that escaped. This horrible group forces you to convert of die. If you think that I am exaggerating, click on the links below. I am going to at least warn you that the images are very, very harsh and disturbing. They include a little girl beheaded, so only look at them if you have a strong stomach. I usually post images right in my blog posts, but these are just too disturbing to do that way.

Little Girl - Very Disturbing!

These Guys MUST be stopped!

Beheading Men for Media Attention!

Whether you looked at the images, or not, just imagine a knock on the door, and a gun pointed to your head. You are told to gather your family and convert to Islam or die. You can't call the police - this is an army larger than the police force. Even if you conform, you still lose everything you owned. You have no choice but to grab your family and run. 
Some may say that if you tell them you'll convert, you can live. But it's been confirmed that even after you convert, they are beheading people. It's hard to believe this is going on right now! What is even more disturbing is that nobody in the entire world is coming to the aid of these people! 

I would think that the super powers of the world would get involved to stop this genocide, but so far, nothing... My blog post is simply a message to anyone who may not be aware of this. It's the mass execution of all Christians in Iraq. Do you think it will spread? Is the good old United States safe? 
How long before just carrying one of these challenge coins results in your own beheading?

Think about it.