Help Rebuild New Jersey - from an Army Navy Store

If you are from the Jersey shore as we are, then you can understand the toll Hurricane Sandy has taken on our lives. Everything has changed and nothing can possibly ever go back to the way it was. Although the warehouse that holds our online army navy store products was not damaged or flooded, we were without power, so had to shut down for a few days. We were one of the few lucky ones. For years, our shore was hit with minor storms and always left unscathed. There was never a cause for concern. When you spoke about the jersey shore, it was about its enjoyment and beauty.
The New Jersey shore areas are known for their funnel cakes, amusement rides, games and gorgeous beaches. Out-of-towners travelled this way for fun, excitement, golden tans and relaxation. Point Pleasant beach and Jenkinsons Boardwalk was always known for being very family oriented. It was a great place to take your family and enjoy the ocean air.
There are plenty of other shore points that were known for summer vacationing. Some of those places are Seaside Heights, Sea Bright, Belmar, Long Beach Island and Atlantic City. A very popular MTV reality show, “Jersey Shore” brought a huge amount of money and fame to the area of Seaside Heights. Fans of the show would travel to the area just to catch a glimpse of their famous cast member.
Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Sandy that struck the last week in October, these areas are in ruins. There are multi-million dollar homes that are full of sand and water. Some of these homes were dragged out to sea and others were completely ripped to shreds. There are a ton of people without homes and left with absolutely nothing.
Fortunately, there are people that are doing whatever they can to donate or help out these people affected by the hurricane. There are food pantries that are filled with canned goods, bottled water, blankets and other necessities. Also, filled with baby products as well; things like diapers and formula. It is a horrible time for New Jersey and other states affected by this horrible storm. Although, with the help of wonderful people; we can start fresh and rebuild.
If you are wondering how you can help, there are tons of local groups, as well as federal associations that are pitching in. You can look online to see what drives are open and what days. The best website to visit is Another great way to help would be to visit your local army navy store and purchase supplies to send to these people affected. Every little bit counts. Please lend a hand!