Looks Like Citizens Will Be Securing Our Borders - HUH???

Secure our borders before these guys do!

OK, so this is just my opinion, but doesn't something seem wrong here? Isn't it time our government woke up and put a big giant fence or wall or something up along ALL of our Mexican borders. Why is this so hard? We've spent billions sending men to the moon, but can't secure our own borders. And now it looks like we may spend billions more just to take care of the illegals who are crossing over every day! Just put a damn giant wall up!
And now there are at least two private groups trying to recruit citizens to go down to our borders and secure them. I smell trouble here. Not that I disagree, because something has to be done. I'm just not so sure that a bunch of private angry citizens will stay peaceful. I recall in 1969 when Hell's Angels were informally hired to act as security at a Rolling Stones concert in California (Altamont Speedway). For those that are too young to remember, it was a disaster that included stabbings murder, guns, band members being beat up, people being trampled - well, you get the idea.
There is a big difference though between Hell's Angels, who did the gig for $500 worth of free beer, and the groups that are planning on going down to secure our borders. The first group is The Minuteman Project led by Jim Gilchrist, a former US Marine. That project is called Operation Normandy, but unlike the invasion of Normandy, they do not plan on crossing the border.

Another group simple calling themselves "Patriots" are already down there in 4 locations in Texas and 3 in Arizona. They are seeking donations to purchase things such as night vision goggles and other tactical gear.
Both groups are saying that the government is not securing our borders, and somebody has to. The Minutemen Project can be reached at http://minutemanproject.com or calling them at 949-587-5199.
The other group mentioned here can be found at http://www.thethreepercenters.org

I'm not encouraging anyone to join a militia group, but simply wanted to help make people aware of the situation.
I'm just hoping and praying that maybe, just maybe our government will wake up and stop rewarding people who cross our borders illegally, and start making plans to secure our borders, before a war breaks out at them.
Illegals just strolling on in

 Border Patrol Cap
Border Patrol Cap

USMC - Leave No Man Behind - What about Tahmooressi???

We here at Army Navy Shop plead with you to read this and sign the White House petition. Apparently, it's the only way they'll get involved!
On March 25th Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi accidentally missed a turn and wound up in Mexico. Sounds like no big deal, but for Tahmooressi it was the beginning of a huge nightmare. Apparently he had guns in his truck. Now after trying to escape and trying to stab himself with a broken light bulb, he's starting to get National attention. The White House has been asked to step in, but they will not do anything without 100,000 signatures. He only has 40,000. I guess it's OK for the White House to step in and free prisoners in American prisons, but if one gets stuck in Mexico, that's not a priority. For God's sake, this guy is a decorated Marine! The guy has a clean record. He has two tours in Afghanistan under his belt. Let's pressure Mexico to release him!
Like many of his fellow Marines, he suffers from PTSD and moved to San Diego for treatment.
His family stresses that they do not want others, whether it be our military or a militia to try to remove him because they fear it would put others in danger. Well folks, that leaves political intervention. Wake up Obama! From what I understand if 100,000 people sign the petition, the White House MUST get involved. I hate that it would take that for Obama to step in and try to get this United States Marine out of a Mexican prison. Wake up Mr. President! Do something NOW!
Another option, dare I say, is for Americans to simply stop going to Mexico for anything! Cripple their tourism! Stop buying Mexican products. If our government won't step in, let's start a boycott on Mexico!
I urge everyone who agrees, that Tahmooressi should be freed, to sign the petition here

Fishing and Hunting Can Be Fun

by Chris Vegvary

I’ve been fishing a couple of times in my life, but I couldn’t really appreciate it at the time. You see, I was a kid at the time, and standing or sitting around in one spot for long periods of time while waiting for a something to bite (or get stuck on a boot or some other type of trash) didn’t exactly appeal to me at the time. Not to mention that we always threw back whatever we caught, which really wasn’t too much. Now that those days are over, however, I find myself wanting to go sit in a boat somewhere and fish over the side.

I’ve never cleaned and gutted, or in any way hurt a fish, really, but I’m totally willing to learn how, because I realize at this point in my life that having certain skills can prove beneficial in the event of an apocalyptic situation, or even just in everyday life. While I’ve fired guns and rifles before, I’ve never gone hunting for a deer or anything like that. Again, though, it’s something I would be willing to try, because it’s an important survival skill. Probably not something you think about too much when you’re a kid, but I think that the sooner you realize and come to appreciate activities like hunting and fishing, the better.

I wish that my childhood had consisted of some form of hunting where I would take down a deer, skin it and do all the good, horrifying stuff that you have to do in order to make it edible, and then serve up some venison for dinner. Also, it would be nice to catch a decently sized fish of some kind and fry it up to eat after properly removing all the nasty stuff and making it ready for human consumption. That, or stick it on a plaque, mount it above the fireplace, and watch it sing and dance when I tell it to. Can’t say I’d mind having a large deer head also mounted above the fireplace, looking off to the side slightly as if it heard something right before it got taken out.

I’m not a huge fan of venison or fish, but if a situation came along to force me into eating these things for survival, I could make do. What I wish I could do, however, is make my own barbecue sauce in the wild, because that’s what I need on my venison to make it less tough. Also, I require my fish to be seasoned and cooked to perfection, restaurant-style…but I can live with just normal, fully-cooked fish and barbecue sauce made out of deer or elk blood. I refuse to let this go down any other way.

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Artificial Limbs Have Come a Long Way

by Chris Vegvary

Remember back in the days of yore, when people would replace their lost limbs with wooden pegs or hooks? I suppose hooks are still around, and then there’s wooden and rubber limbs, and all other kinds of materials, but at any rate, we really are living in the future these days. For instance, now we’ve got artificial limbs that are robotic, have the same exact proportions of a person’s normal-sized hand, and is controlled by the user’s brain. Does that not freak you out? It’s spectacular for someone who’s lost a limb, though, like a disabled veteran, or someone who’s been in a bad accident.

Technology has come a long way, and it just keeps coming. How long will it be before the first artificial limb becomes a weapon of some kind, whether it be projectile or melee? That kind of technology can’t be that far away, what with the ability to control robotics with the mind and all. I can’t imagine the prototype for that sort of thing would work out too well for the test subject, but once it was perfected (assuming no one died from the testing phases), that could really be something. A rocket launcher attached to your arm, or a chainsaw, or even a massive harpoon could make for some interesting times, do you deny that? You needn’t bother.

But if your brain can control the robotic limb, is there also some way to make the robotic limb feel the sensation of touch? And, if there is somehow a way to make a person regain their sense of touch through robotics and such, will that also bring back any sense of pain caused by damage to the artificial limb? These are the questions I need answered before I go accidentally losing a limb and paying a dangerous amount of money in order to have all my parts again, whether they be real or real enough. If technology still isn’t there yet, I suppose I can live with that, because it’s really just a matter of time until we have everything we need to make it all happen. In reality, though, if I absolutely had to have a robotic arm, I’d have to insist on it not having the ability to make me feel pain.

What can this mean for the FUTURE of the future of artificial limbs? Could we be just a head with an entirely artificial body? I don’t see how it’s possible, but the future scientists of the world out there might have some ideas. If I go bald one day, could I possibly get some artificial hairs in the form of tiny robotic strands that grow like natural hair? How would that look? That’s right, it WOULD be awesome. In summation, technology is getting better all the time, and they can apparently rebuild you better, stronger, faster, and…stuff. And by the way, if you happen to like stuff, boy have I got some stuff for you. Come check out all these spectacular military clothes, hunting and camping gear, Zippos, wallets, and more we have over at www.armynavyshop.com and get yourself some good whatnot.

MREs Are Getting Better All the Time

by Chris Vegvary

How much do people like food? The answer is a lot, because food is what drives us, and when you think about it, food tastes pretty good. When a soldier takes food into the field, however, they can’t take something really good, like maybe a turducken or a nice, fat ribbi steak. That makes me kind of sad, how about you? But fear not, because it might be ok soon. Apparently, scientists are working on better types of MREs for everyone to enjoy.

What would be your first choice of a really good MRE? If it’s pizza, then you might be in luck, because those scientists seem to have found a way to make a pizza that can stay sitting on a shelf or something for three years and you can still eat it. Not only that, but it tastes decent, too. How has it come to this? Because it was demanded, that’s why. People want to have good food while they’re out protecting us and whatnot, and to them, I say…ok, why not? In fact, sure, let’s do it.

That makes me wonder if there are ways to get even more types of crazy food choices into an MRE that lasts for three years. Check it: do they already have chocolate cake MREs? If not, let’s get some of those going on. Oreos and milk somehow. Or how about some way to get corned beef, or a hamburger, or how about some bacon? With all the advances in technology, and the fact that we’re pretty much in the future, and the fact that everything is infused with bacon now, is there not some way our top and most brilliant scientists can get on top of finding a way for bacon to have a shelf life of somewhere around three to five years? Something like that? Yes, bacon is that important.

Ok, so that might be asking a little too much right now, but the point is that the smart, sciency people are out there trying to find ways to bring our military folks some different and better types of food in the form of an MRE. I can honestly say that if I were to go camping, I would probably want one of those pizza MREs they’re working on. I find food to be very taste-ifying. So with all this in mind, I submit to all of you that you should go out there, get some serious education going on, get your degree in food sciences, get a respectable job creating new and crazy foods, and make the best MREs the world has ever seen. You’ll have my respect, and probably a few of my dollars as well. Only time’s going to tell on this one.

Cheating on Nuclear Reactor Tests?

by Chris Vegvary

You like to feel safe in your comfortable little home or apartment, or wherever it is you live, don’t you? You enjoy the safe feeling you get knowing that there’s people out there that are strictly looking out for your interests, because they know what they’re doing, don’t they? I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to believe that they DON’T all know what they’re doing, especially when I hear things like, for instance, over thirty sailors in the US Navy have been caught cheating on nuclear reactor tests.

First of all, why the hell would you cheat on something like that? I don’t have all the information on what it takes to be in charge of a nuclear reactor, or even what it takes to work on one, but I’m pretty sure that those things can be dangerous in the hands of people who don’t know what they’re doing. You’re not just putting your life in danger with that kind of crap, you’re putting a lot of people at risk, pretending you know how operate a submarine’s nuclear reactor. What’s the appeal in cheating, anyway? Do you get paid more? If so, then money truly is the root of all evil.

But don’t think this is all just on the Navy, because as it turns out, at least ninety-two nuclear missile launch officers in the US Air Force were also caught cheating on monthly tests. What the hell? Why…? I can’t wrap my head around the reason that some of the people who are supposed to look out for us and protect us, or in some cases, the ones that make decisions for us (I’m talking to you, politicians), decide to endanger us all for pretty much no reason. How do we, as a country of people, stop this kind of thing from happening? The problem is, when someone gets in trouble like this, there’s a lot of waiting for any kind of punishment, or there’s no punishment at all. In fact, it seems like in most cases, throwing enough money at a problem like that will just make it go away.

When do we hold people accountable for this type of thing? How can we make it so that instead of a long, drawn-out process that will probably end with nothing bad happening to the guilty party or parties, they are immediately held accountable for the horrible lies they tell in order to make more money or have more power? Just once, I’d like to see someone who has screwed over the American people and put us in danger go to jail for a sentence equal to all the sentences for the lesser crimes that people commit and get sentenced to life for.

Of course, I’m not saying there's anything bad about the military in general; quite the opposite, in fact. For instance, there’s something like 16,000 sailors in the Navy and most of them work hard and are to be respected, and they are not representative of the tiny percentage that makes up the people that cheated. Yes, it was only a few people in the grand scheme of things, but one person is all it takes to do some serious damage. What if this is part of some kind of terrorism plot, did anyone think about that? I’d say this warrants a full investigation by the Navy AND the Air Force.

While I’m probably not likely to be satisfied in that respect anytime soon, YOU, the reader, may be satisfied in showing your support in one or more branches of the military. Have a family member out there protecting us? Show some support by checking out all the military-based clothing, survival and camping gear, and all kinds of other military items at www.armynavyshop.com.

Homelessness and Military Veterans

by Chris Vegvary

One thing I can’t understand is why there are so many military veterans out there without homes. Not just without homes, but living out there on the streets, struggling for survival, sleeping in parks or trash or wherever they can find that’s warm enough to keep them alive for the night. I just don’t get it. I’m all for equality among people and everything, but these people have served in the military and then kind of just discarded by anyone in a position to really do anything to stop it from happening. Honey Boo-Boo gets a reality TV show and becomes a celebrity for being whatever it is they’re supposed to be, but meanwhile, there’s a Vietnam veteran that got his legs blown off wheeling himself around on the sidewalk asking for change because he doesn’t have anything. Is anyone else disgusted by this?

I’ve never been homeless, but I know people who have been, and I’ve been told it’s not fun. I don’t need to go through something like that to know it’s not a good experience, and I think that probably goes for almost everyone else out there in the world. So why do we ignore the people who have helped keep the country (and by extension, us) safe when they’re asking for help? Yeah, you can throw them a little bit of change as you walk by on your way to wherever it is you’re in a hurry to, but that change is only going to go so far.

Luckily, cities like Phoenix and Salt Lake City are joining in on a plan to end homelessness among veterans. I lived in Phoenix, and while Arizona seems to have its share of problems (corrupt police officers and officials, high crime rate, etc.), this is a step in the right direction. I’ve never been to Salt Lake City and know nothing about the place, but I’m glad they’re stepping up and doing something about this issue that’s been going on probably since the beginning of war, I’m sure.

This blog isn’t intended to be a guilt trip, but an eye-opener. However, if you do feel a twinge of guilt as you look over all these words, then maybe you have a reason for it. Why not give a little extra change (or a couple dollar-dollar bills, y’all) to the next veteran you see on the side of the road holding a sign asking for help? They helped you, whether you realize it or not, and I’d say it’s about time to start repaying the favor in some way. Let’s get everyone out there a home. I know it can be done, but the naysayers will tell us it can’t. Anything can be done, but it’s a matter of whether people are willing to get up off their lazy asses and actually do something instead of sitting there and telling everyone why it won’t work.