USMC - Leave No Man Behind - What about Tahmooressi???

We here at Army Navy Shop plead with you to read this and sign the White House petition. Apparently, it's the only way they'll get involved!
On March 25th Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi accidentally missed a turn and wound up in Mexico. Sounds like no big deal, but for Tahmooressi it was the beginning of a huge nightmare. Apparently he had guns in his truck. Now after trying to escape and trying to stab himself with a broken light bulb, he's starting to get National attention. The White House has been asked to step in, but they will not do anything without 100,000 signatures. He only has 40,000. I guess it's OK for the White House to step in and free prisoners in American prisons, but if one gets stuck in Mexico, that's not a priority. For God's sake, this guy is a decorated Marine! The guy has a clean record. He has two tours in Afghanistan under his belt. Let's pressure Mexico to release him!
Like many of his fellow Marines, he suffers from PTSD and moved to San Diego for treatment.
His family stresses that they do not want others, whether it be our military or a militia to try to remove him because they fear it would put others in danger. Well folks, that leaves political intervention. Wake up Obama! From what I understand if 100,000 people sign the petition, the White House MUST get involved. I hate that it would take that for Obama to step in and try to get this United States Marine out of a Mexican prison. Wake up Mr. President! Do something NOW!
Another option, dare I say, is for Americans to simply stop going to Mexico for anything! Cripple their tourism! Stop buying Mexican products. If our government won't step in, let's start a boycott on Mexico!
I urge everyone who agrees, that Tahmooressi should be freed, to sign the petition here


  1. Still seems to need a lot of signatures. Let's not let this guy down. Please sign the petition.

  2. I never liked Mexico. I hope and pray that Sgt. Tahmooressi gets his freedom soon.