These days with exercise being a focus of many women's lives, a few things should be remembered. I'm not just talking about getting a new pair of sneakers or a great stylish workout outfit. I know its hard to try and fit a walk or a jog into your daily routine, but safety should be a thought.  I have found a great handheld pepper spray that fits around the hand and is small enough to be grasped into the palm.   I am also recommending a mini baton key chain, both are discreet and comfortable and provide a sense of security against animals or persons who pose a threat. 

Flag Half-Staff for Whitney Houston Controversy

The death of Singer/Actress Whitney Houston is a tragedy that rocked our nation but there is still talk about flying the flag half-staff for her funeral. Whether you were a Whitney fan or not, there is no argument that she was an American Icon. She had beauty, fame and talent but the question still remains; should the flag have been flown at half-staff for her?

The Veterans that have fought for our country and their families may feel indifferent about Whitney Houston's half-staff flag tribute. Men that serve as police officers and military personnel live and die for our Country. Flying our flag at half-staff is a way to pay homage and respect to these men. Families of these men seem to argue that Whitney Houston's tribute was a disservice to the men who they feel really deserve this honor. Although, a President or Governor has the right to decide who the flag is flown at half-staff for.

Regardless of your stance on whether the flag should have been flown half-staff for Whitney Houston or not. The flag flew as a symbol of pride, respect, mourning and remembrance.We cannot forget a woman that serenaded our Country at the Super Bowl, who sang the National Anthem so proud and who sang about giving our children confidence because they are our future.

Camping Ideas

Camping can be a great experience to bond with friends and family. Whether you want to get outside and relax in nature or explore all the different sites to see, you're in complete control of what you do on your trip. Just make sure you're prepared and have all your camping supplies ready before you head out.

Your supplies are a very important part of any kind of trip, but especially when you're camping. What you bring with you is what you have to live with so make sure you think about what you can bring to ensure everyone you're with is not only safe but as comfortable as possible. Nowadays there is so much gear and supplies to choose from that you will have to do you're homework, but being well prepared is surely the best thing you can do before you realize you're missing something and its to late.

Camping is one of the oldest and greatest pastimes so make sure you're ready and can create great memories for everyone involved.

Summer Is Coming

     The groundhog may have predicted six more weeks of winter, but most of us know that this has been one of the mildest seasons to date. Call it global warming or make your own assumptions about it, either way summer is just right around the corner. If you work in the elements or enjoy outdoor activities, do yourself a favor and stay cool with a cooldanna. This item is available in a variety of different colors and prints. It can be worn around your head or neck and will keep you cool for hours.