Flag Half-Staff for Whitney Houston Controversy

The death of Singer/Actress Whitney Houston is a tragedy that rocked our nation but there is still talk about flying the flag half-staff for her funeral. Whether you were a Whitney fan or not, there is no argument that she was an American Icon. She had beauty, fame and talent but the question still remains; should the flag have been flown at half-staff for her?

The Veterans that have fought for our country and their families may feel indifferent about Whitney Houston's half-staff flag tribute. Men that serve as police officers and military personnel live and die for our Country. Flying our flag at half-staff is a way to pay homage and respect to these men. Families of these men seem to argue that Whitney Houston's tribute was a disservice to the men who they feel really deserve this honor. Although, a President or Governor has the right to decide who the flag is flown at half-staff for.

Regardless of your stance on whether the flag should have been flown half-staff for Whitney Houston or not. The flag flew as a symbol of pride, respect, mourning and remembrance.We cannot forget a woman that serenaded our Country at the Super Bowl, who sang the National Anthem so proud and who sang about giving our children confidence because they are our future.

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