Outdoor Summer Fun Safety Tips

It sure has been hot lately across much of the United States. Americans having been baking on high from
sea to shining sea. With all that sun and heat you need to be properly prepared to keep yourself cool, dry
and healthy.

A good pair of sunglasses is an absolute must. You only get one set of peppers, so make sure to guard them against those damaging UV rays. Armynavyshop.com has a variety of sunglasses to keep your eyes safe all summer long.

When it's hot outside you don't want to wear heavy sneakers or thick socks. Sandals are a great way
to keep feet cool, especially around water wear socks and other types of shoes might get soggy. Soggy feet are not happy feet. Keep your cool and dry all the way down to your toes with a casual and comfy pair of warm weather unisex sandals.

Be prepared to sweat. It's inevitable. If you enjoy the outdoors during summer you're going to perspire. It's healthy to do so. It's your body's way of cooling itself. But you don't want to be dripping with sweat until you can get home to take a shower. And you certainly don't want to cut your fun short to wash up. So bring along some absorbent microfiber towels with you when you go out to play.

You might even try this new product. Which is designed for camouflage make up removal, but would work equally as well as a facial sweat wipe.

If you're going to be in an buggy environment then repellent is definitely mandatory. Keep annoying and dangerous biting pests away from yourself and your loved ones. Don't let unwelcome guests ruin your summer fun.

And most of all don't forget to wear a hat. In high temps and bright sun it's imperative to keep your head covered. Though it may seem counterproductive to cover a body part in the heat, keeping the sun from beating on your noggin will help you feel cool and keep heat-stroke at bay. A military style jungle hat is a great looking, comfortable and inexpensive way to keep your brain in the shade.

Little Green Men

Did you play with army men when you were a child? By army men I'm referring to those little green, plastic soldiers that came in packages of about 100 or $1.00. They were a bunch of tiny dudes with helmets and guns. They were awesome. Simple, yet profound playthings.

If you did play with army men as a kid you might be wondering whether or not they still exist. I know I am. They used to be in every drug store. Back when drug stores had respectable game aisles with fun toys for under $3.00.

Well, take heart, they do still exist. But even little green, plastic army men have suffered from inflation. The once el-cheapo toy that any parent could use to quickly thwart a temper tantrum for one dollar now costs considerably more. But compared to food, clothes and energy prices plastic army men prices have risen at a relatively slow pace. You can get 40 of them for under $3.00.

When I used to play with my friends we liked to melt them. We'd use a magnifying glass or some kid's eyeglasses. We thought we were scientists when we did that. My how times have changed. Any kid nowadays knows better than to squander a covetted plaything. Even the cheap ones are a highly valued commodity.

Many things have changed since the days when a bunch of boys would gather under the heat of the July sun and turn their plastic soldiers into waxy puddles of olive green gook. The one thing that never changes is respect for the military and all that they sacrifice to defend us.

In that respect, an inexpensive bag of little plastic army men are a priceless part of childhood.