Expansion Theory

We've recently added a plethora of new bags, packs, totes and organizers. We've added a whole new supplier to increase our already vast army navy shop selection by 30% and climbing. Our bag selection by far has been beefed up the most. There is also a much greater selection of firearms holsters.

We've got carryalls, backpacks, briefcases, pouches and organizer bags in a rainbow of colors, sizes and configurations to suit every person in any situation. If you can't find the bag or pouch you need at armynavyshop.com then such a bag does not exist! At least not in this dimensional fold in the space-time continuum.

For weapons enthusiasts and law enforcement personnel our much more thorough selection of pistol and rifle holsters and slings is sure to please. However and wherever you need to tote your gun of choice. Duplicitously concealed or boisterously flaunted. It's not for us to judge, just to outfit you with the appropriate weapons toting apparatus.

We've added so much new product. Literally thousands of new army navy and camouflage items of every sort. And by literally, I actually mean literally. Not like when people say literally, but they actually mean figuratively. It really bugs me when people do that.