Yesterday Was Purple Heart Recognition Day and I'm Pissed!

I hope anyone reading this will forgive my rant - I usually don't do this, but there is something wrong in this Country, when it is all over the news that our President was on the Jay Leno show and there is hardly a mention of the brave men and women who were seriously wounded defending our freedoms. How many of us even knew that yesterday, August 7th was Purple Heart Recognition Day?

I checked Huffington Post this morning - and if you search for it, you'll find it, but what about the first page?
Doesn't it matter that the Purple Heart is a symbol of our appreciation to soldiers and their families, who sacrificed?  Isn't that more important than three people winning the PowerBall? That made headlines on Yahoo!

It's time the Press got their priorities straight. Even the Conservative Fox News got it wrong. The big new yesterday was that 'terror threats mount as President Obama laughs it up with Jay Leno'. I'm not a fan of Obama, and I'm sure it's important news, and I don't want to make this political, but c'mon guys - where's your story on honoring those who gave you the right to broadcast in the first place?

I'm pissed! We all sit in our comfy little homes pretending that the freedoms we take for granted just fell on us - that they just are. Men and women died or lost limbs for those rights! We all know about Kim Kardashian having a baby, but who knows the name Travis Mills? There is a picture of him below:
Travis Mills

There have been about two million Purple Hearts given to our fallen and injured since George Washington gave the first one to Sergeant William Brown of the 5th Connecticut Regiment of the Connecticut Line.
Two million sacrifices, and yet most Americans don't even know what the Purple Heart looks like. We know what our flag looks like. We should know what the award given to those who defended our flag and paid dearly  looks like!

Well folks, I'm an American, and I'm proud, and I'm pissed! I'm pissed that the freedoms that the press have - the freedoms that they have because of people like Travis Mills, are being abused!

The left is bashing the right, the right is bashing the left, and the people in the middle - most of America, are left listening to a bunch of bullshit fed to us by our 'un-biased' press!
...Only my opinion, but WE THE PEOPLE are sick of it!


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