Happy Holidays

Great holiday gifts are hard to come up with. Nowadays everyone has so very many things. What can we give them that they don't already have? That's the challenge that makes gift giving so darn much fun. NOT.

Well, we have lots of grat gift options. Especially if your bestie is a warlord or dictator. Some nice body armor and a gas mask will really show them how much you care.

But seriously. Who doesn't need a great bag. What constitutes a great bag varies astronomically per person. But one thing is constant. Adjustable shoulder strap. Many compartments. As fabulously stylish outsides as it is magnicficently organized within.

The fact of the matter is, if you truly love someone you must gift them a proper bag. It's imperative. If the holidays pass and you haven't given them a proper carryall you are not a worthy friend and should propmptly turn in your friend credentials and begin applying for a new position as someone else's friend.

Avoid all that hassle. Keep your current friends. And be a great gift giver. It's easy. Give them one of our great bags. and smile when they give you the crappy present they got from wal-mart.

Joy to the world.