Steven Sotloff Another American Journalist Beheaded by ISIS

And now American journalists! Yesterday, ISIS cut the head off Steven Sotloff and posted it for all to see. Obama did what he always does - makes idle threats. I may be in the minority, but if the only way to get these animals is to put boots on the ground in Syria, then lets go after them before American heads start rolling here in America! It's time we showed the world America's might once again. Who else is tired of America becoming the laughing stock to the rest of the world?

Does anyone think that these guys are bluffing about coming to America in 60 days?
Let's see, that brings us to Halloween. Think about it....
They think nothing of cutting heads off of children.

It's time to wake up and seriously start fighting them. I think what is beginning to emerge here is what has been predicted - an attack on American soil that will be worse than 9-11. These horrible beheadings are just a warning to us that worse is yet to come, and we appear to be doing nothing about it.

NOTE: Since this tragic episode, a third man was beheaded by these monsters. And they announced a 4th. David Haines, a British aid worker was beheaded, and ISIS announced Alan Henning, another British aid worker to be next. There are many more kidnapped American and European humanitarian workers including an American 26 year old woman. Her family has asked that her name not be released, but unless we get boots, and lots of them, on the ground in Syria, her fate and the fate of many others, is grim. 

On 9-13-14, the CIA increased the estimated number of ISIS members has grown to a staggering 31,500. How many are in your town waiting to behead you just for wearing a cross around your neck? I'm sure I'm not alone in predicting that beheadings will come to our own country soon, if we do not declare WAR on these people!

I'll keep adding things here that I've read from reliable news agencies.

ISIS cut a 5 year old boy in half!
They've torn a woman in half by tying her legs to one car and arms to another.
They mass buried women and children alive.

Anyone still think we should just close our eyes to it?