Help Rebuild New Jersey - from an Army Navy Store

If you are from the Jersey shore as we are, then you can understand the toll Hurricane Sandy has taken on our lives. Everything has changed and nothing can possibly ever go back to the way it was. Although the warehouse that holds our online army navy store products was not damaged or flooded, we were without power, so had to shut down for a few days. We were one of the few lucky ones. For years, our shore was hit with minor storms and always left unscathed. There was never a cause for concern. When you spoke about the jersey shore, it was about its enjoyment and beauty.
The New Jersey shore areas are known for their funnel cakes, amusement rides, games and gorgeous beaches. Out-of-towners travelled this way for fun, excitement, golden tans and relaxation. Point Pleasant beach and Jenkinsons Boardwalk was always known for being very family oriented. It was a great place to take your family and enjoy the ocean air.
There are plenty of other shore points that were known for summer vacationing. Some of those places are Seaside Heights, Sea Bright, Belmar, Long Beach Island and Atlantic City. A very popular MTV reality show, “Jersey Shore” brought a huge amount of money and fame to the area of Seaside Heights. Fans of the show would travel to the area just to catch a glimpse of their famous cast member.
Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Sandy that struck the last week in October, these areas are in ruins. There are multi-million dollar homes that are full of sand and water. Some of these homes were dragged out to sea and others were completely ripped to shreds. There are a ton of people without homes and left with absolutely nothing.
Fortunately, there are people that are doing whatever they can to donate or help out these people affected by the hurricane. There are food pantries that are filled with canned goods, bottled water, blankets and other necessities. Also, filled with baby products as well; things like diapers and formula. It is a horrible time for New Jersey and other states affected by this horrible storm. Although, with the help of wonderful people; we can start fresh and rebuild.
If you are wondering how you can help, there are tons of local groups, as well as federal associations that are pitching in. You can look online to see what drives are open and what days. The best website to visit is Another great way to help would be to visit your local army navy store and purchase supplies to send to these people affected. Every little bit counts. Please lend a hand!   

The army navy store for boy scouts

Below is a note sent to us by one of our customers. Please feel free to write us with your story, and we'll probably publish it here. Thanks for reading our blog.

It's boy scout time and you might be shopping around for camping supplies. I am a mom of a first year cub scout and I am very happy to have found some great items on the Army Navy Shop website. Army Navy Shop has many items to choose from such as insulated cooler bags, lanterns, survival and first aid kits, camping chairs and backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, and more. You can easily find all of your camping and boy scout supplies on the Army Navy Shop. A specific item of interest is the camo trail tent. This tent is made for two people. One of the best features is that it only weighs 3lbs and 8 oz., making it very lightweight for your young camper to carry. The camo trail tent comes with the stakes and rope for set-up. It also has a reinforced polyethylene floor. The large mesh window makes it easy to check on the boys without waking them up. The best part about this tent for me was the price was very reasonable.  I am very excited to use this tent and take my son on his very first camping trip! I hope to blog again and let you know how the trip went and how the tent holds up. So far, I am pleased with the Army Navy Shop website and the wide variety of camping products that I will be able to purchase for my cub scout!

Camo Trail Tent

Army Navy Shop Review - A note form one of our customers.

     Recently I checked out a pretty cool website named Being a former US marine I like checking out new products that come out geared towards the military. This shop has pretty much everything you could possibly imagine when it comes to military clothing and civilian clothes bearing military logos. I like the wide variety of different types of military type of headgear also.  They carry shoes, bags, hats, pants and jackets. I noticed they also carry camping supplies, eyewear and even books and guides. It’s not exactly a survival gear store but they do carry a wide variety of products that given your circumstances could very much help in the event you were in survival mode.  I was pretty impressed to say the least. This army navy webstore is without a doubt the most complete military apparel and accessories store I’ve ever seen.

       I think of all of the products my favorite has to be the sunglasses and safety glasses. The sunglasses are priced reasonably and I found the protective glasses were actually very high quality.  I liked the aviator sunglasses and the military style cases that they offer. I also like the military clothing that carries. If you’re looking for camo clothing this site is definitely the best bet. There is also a wide assortment of shirts that are pretty cool too which bear the name of different military branches. I think this site has just about everything you could ever need when it comes to military style clothing. I could go on and on about all the products in but that would give everything away. You really have to check it out yourself. For anyone needing military type clothing or camping gear this is the place the go. Just go to and you will see what I mean.

Camo Pants for Fall

That time of year is just around the corner! Fall is in full swing and summer is out. It is bittersweet but that is what the seasons are all about; always changing. You never get tired of the weather because it is always changing. Most people describe fall as cozy and there is not anyone that can deny the beauty of it. There is nothing like the leaves changing color in autumn.

It is time to pull out the sweaters and pants. Camo pants are a great must have for that time of year. There are quite a few reasons. One, being the style! Camouflage prints are always in! Two, being they are great to wear for fall activities, like paint balling! Three, as a woman, they look great with Uggs! Actually, they look great with high-heel pumps as well!
Pink Camo For The Ladies

Camo pants always look great on men; especially camo shorts. It seems like they are always in style for the male gender. You can wear them to knock around in or dress them up to go out. Cooler weather is usually the start for gaming season. We all know that hunters wear camouflage so, there you go!

Autumn is just a great time of year! You really cannot disagree with that - besides, the heat gets to be too much after a few months. Who doesn’t enjoy sipping on hot chocolate and picking pumpkins?! By the time you know it, we will have to put our winter clothes away and pull our bikini’s out again! That is the joy of the seasons.

Check out our Army Navy Store


Army Navy Store has all your favorite military clothing

Military Clothing: A Fashion Trend that Everybody Loves
Military clothing is a fashion trend that has long been a favorite staple in both the fashion industry and in everyday clothing wear. From camouflage clothing to boonie hats and combats boots, military clothing offers the wearer the chance to mix the innate toughness and masculinity inherent in the different styles of clothing and accessories with the more fashion forward aspects of today’s trends found at many army navy stores. Many people today who have a love for the military or a deep respect for them often get themselves fitted with military clothing from an Army Navy store and who can blame them after all, if you take a look at both classic and modern military uniforms there are some truly exceptional design ideas worked into the clothing.

The most basic of military clothes found at an Army Navy store comes in hues of green or blue and occasionally red and yellow. For the American military the clothing has long been a combination of greens, tans and blues from combined colors in camo wear to solid colors that you might traditionally find in some of the more vintage military clothing and accessory options such the Khaki Vintage Star Mini Backpack that is reminiscent of the old army packs used by soldiers in the early to mid 1900s such as in the Vietnam War or WWI.  An Army Navy store deals greatly with, you guessed it, Army and Navy military clothing and can offer you anything and everything under the sun practically in a military style that always seems to be a fashion trend. The fashion trend aspect comes from the deep respect and fascination the military brings out in the civilian popular and simply because of the “toughness” that clothing found at Army Navy stores inspire such as a Kid’s Top Gun Flight Jacket that any boy would absolutely love to wear with pride.

Army Navy Shop is a popular Army Navy store that provides unique and distinguished military clothing and accessories in many different styles, colors and sizes; from camo pants and tanks to boonie hats, flight jackets, military style backpacks, military multipurpose tools and even chicly fashionable women’s and men’s underwear in a military style. The thing about military clothes found at Army Navy stores is that no matter the era or the current fashion trends, military clothing will always be in style because who doesn’t love the classic and modern stylings of military wear?

Camo clothing and country music

Not only is camouflage clothing important for camping and hunting but it makes an awesome fashion statement! Country music is extremely popular right now; not only for adults but the youth of today. I do not know if you have ever been to a country concert but it is really exciting! People are very hospitable at the pre-gaming party and you rarely see a fight. You would think that people would be rowdy from drinking all day but it is the very opposite.
If a Country show starts at five, people are in the parking lot cooking in the morning. They set up tents with chairs and tables. It is like they are creating a backyard right in the parking lot. There is plenty of food and games. If you forget to bring sugar, you can definitely ask your parking lot neighbor! Young teens and adults have a great time playing corn hole together and bringing out the inner country in them.

Half of the concert goers are wearing camouflage attire! Whether it is a camo hat or a tiny tank; it is gonna look good! You have to own it because realistically, if you live in the city of Manhattan, you normally would not wear camo. This is your chance to be the woodsy country folk you always wanted to be. Seriously, I know that Country is not for everyone but the concerts definitely are! It is a great time for everyone; kids, teens and adults. The best part is, you can bring the whole family!

Camping supplies for first time campers

When people are first time campers, they normally do not come prepared. If they do come prepared, they usually bring way too much! As a first time camper this summer, I think I brought all the necessary supplies. The camping supplies I brought consisted of a propane lantern, tons of bug repellant, instant sting treatment and quite a few other important items.

I have to say that the sting treatment helped immensely! I stepped on a nest of some kind of bees and I saw stars! The sting treatment and ice eased the burn and pain I was dealing with. Benadryl is very vital as well; just in case you are allergic to something you step on or brush up against. At night, even though you are at a campground; the grounds are not equipped with enough lighting. A lantern and flashlights made a world of a difference. Also, citronella candles gave off not only light but protected us from bug bites.
You do not want to over pack clothes! Just make sure you bring something light for the day and something warm for the night, and over course, plenty of underwear! Do not forget to bring towels and water shoes. If you are going to venture into the water and there are rocks, the water shoes will give you grip on slippery spots. Also, always wear a life vest in the water! Even if you are a great swimmer and decide to go tubing; there is always a change of hitting your head. A life vest will save your life! These are just a few tips to help you start a great camping trip!

Hats Off To You

It’s summer and everyone has to take shade at some point! It sure is hot but if you make sure you keep your head covered with a light hat, you will keep yourself much cooler. There are many styles of hats available. Each hat has a different style to fit your particular need or taste.

I recommend the Boonie Hat; especially in the warm weather.

It is a wide-brimmed hat that is better known as a Bush Hat. It is used for various reasons; one of the many reasons is for military use. It was first used in the U.S during the Vietnam War. There are quite a few prints and colors to choose from.
Camouflage Boonie Hats 100% Cotton Camo Boonie Hat

 It will definitely keep your head protected from the sun. It allows an extreme amount of shade for you to keep cool. As far as the material, it is a matter of preference. When the Boonie Hat was first introduced it was mainly made from excess material from parachutes. Some prefer rib stop; while others like a nylon blend. It really depends on the reason of use.

Fishermen are often seen wearing them because of the loops around the base of the hat. It is a great place to store your lures. If you are looking for full coverage in the hot sun, this is a perfect pick. There are usually vents that allow air to get to your head. The best part is you can adjust the hat to how tight you would like it on your head. Try it!

Protect Yourself and your Electronics

Do you own a tablet, iPad, iPhone, Nook, or laptop? There are many cool new carry cases and Military Bags that accommodate your electronics including some that you may have never seen before.  They include an iPhone case equipped with a removable pepper spray baton,  an iPhone or iPod arm band that is great to use while working out or jogging,  and all types of iPad or laptop carry bags in just about every camo option.

Sabre Smartguard Pepper Spray iPhone 4/4S CaseIf you are looking for a way to keep your iPhone on you while you are jogging then you need the iPhone arm band.  It has an adjustable arm strap, an inner zipper compartment to store your keys or money, and an ID window on the outside of the band. Another great idea for jogging is the iPhone case that comes equipped with the removable pepper spray baton. Now you can protect yourself while you reduce the number of items you carry with you since the pepper spray detaches easily from the iPhone case.

Do you travel with your iPad or laptop? Available now are tactical field laptop cases in digital camo, multi camo, coyote brown, olive drab and black.  For any tablet you may want to check out the modular Camo tablet shoulder bag. It can be used three ways: as a waist pack, with a carry handle, or a shoulder bag. It is made of heavy duty yet light weight nylon and has numerous modular attachment points.  These are just a few of many great carry cases and bag options that are available to you right now.

Surviving The Elements

Hey everybody I just wanted to let you know about a great product I just discovered. A Company by the name of Sealskinz has come up with an amazing line of Waterproof Gloves, socks, and hats that are sure to be a big hit in the outdoors men and hunting community. I know you have all seen this before but you really have to check out this product the waterproofing technology is unlike any I have ever seen before.

Sealskinz Gloves Waterproof Breathable Gloves
Sealskinz specializes in close fitting yet breathable waterproof Military Gloves. These are the perfect accessories for any outdoor activity. The outer layer will not allow any water to penetrate keeping your hands and feet completely dry. This same technology makes everything windproof as well, blocking all incoming wind and keeping your hands warm. Now you may be thinking that if it is water tight and liquid cant escape your hands and feet might get a little sweaty. This is the best part about the product and why the technology they use is at the top of the game. They use a solid outer layer that has no pores to assure no wind or water passes through. The middle layer is the waterproofing layer that removes moisture. The breathable membrane is there to make sure you hands and feet do not sweat while wearing them. This three-layer construction makes these gloves really stand out from the rest in terms of performance.

Customer reviews are top notch for this product and I am sure you will be impressed with yours. They are well made and will last a long time if taken care of. So if you love being outside and baring the elements this product really is a great tool to have with you as far as keeping yourself comfortable harsh weather conditions.


When you are camping in wooded areas or in bear country, you have to be extremely careful. There are people that may think it is cute to spot a bear but it is nothing of the sort! Those beautiful animals are very aggressive and a simple camping trip could cost you your life if you are not cautious!

When people go camping, it is extremely important to bring flashlights, batteries and bottled water. Those are three very crucial items that should be the first things you pack. If you are not familiar with camping and sleeping outdoors, you want to pack extremely comfortable sleeping bags and other items to sleep on.

Trail Tents - Camo 2 Man Tent

You may want to check the temperature rating of sleeping merchandise that will be appropriate for the climate you will be in. You want to make sure you have padding to put under the air mattress or cot you are sleeping on. That will keep you warm because it will put distance between you and the floor.

Never! I repeat never, keep food in your Tent!! Throw all your food away in the designated trash areas in your campground. If there are no areas, make sure you keep your food in a cooler and keep it far away from your tent, preferably one hundred feet away.

You can purchase bear-resistant canisters and other items that will keep bears away from your tent. Do not forget there are also creepy crawlers that can get into your food, so be vigilant and take all precautions on your outdoor adventure!

Born Survivor

Everybody loves to hear stories about survival. It could be about someone that was lost at sea or lost in the woods. It’s always inspiring to hear how that person was able to survive and managed to make their way back home safe and sound.  We try to put ourselves in their situations and think about how we would have reacted and what we would be capable of doing in order to stay alive. There are even a number of shows dedicated to these scenarios. One of the shows included is “I shouldn’t be alive” which has the real survivors retelling their stories of how they got into danger and what they had to do in order to make it out of it. Some other shows such as “Survivorman” and “Man vs. Wild” show the viewer what to do and how to survive in certain situations.

Gerber Ultimate Knife Bear Grylls Survival KnifeNow, the host of Discovery’s “Man vs. Wild” Bear Grylls is working with Gerber, one of the best knife companies out there. Together they have developed a new line of knives, machetes, and fire starters for people to purchase. These items are made with the highest quality materials and even come packaged with land to air rescue SOS instructions and a pocket sized survival guide which contains some of Bear’s best survival tips. The machete or “parang” has an angled stainless steel blade to allow the user to clear brush and limbs with ease. The fire starter is compact and comes with a waterproof storage container and a lanyard to keep the item intact. All of their knives are made with a stainless steel blade and comfortable rubber slip resistant grip and are available in a variety of different styles.

 So, now that you have the tools and knowledge, go out there and put your skills to the test. Are you a survivor?

Independence Day

Like many holidays, the true meaning of Independence Day unfortunately seems to be forgotten by a lot of us. Of course the 4th of July is a day to celebrate… but do we really know what we’re celebrating? The real meaning of this day is profound but sadly goes unnoticed, especially by young people. We have to remember what this holiday is about instead of allowing it to be obscured by parties, drinking and fireworks.

US Flags Deluxe 3x5 Foot US Flag
In essence, this holiday is our country’s birthday and indeed deserves a celebration! But how much do really know about the country we live in? On July 4th, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was adopted and signed, which gave us independence from Great Britain. Before the Declaration was signed the United States consisted only of thirteen colonies and was under the rule of King George III. The colonies grew tired of paying taxes to Great Britain and having no say in what went on in the English Parliament. In 1774, they sent delegates to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to form the First Continental Congress which continually tried to resolve differences with England without having to formally declare war.

After a considerable period of time, their efforts proved to be hopeless and a committee lead by Thomas Jefferson was formed to compose the formal Declaration of Independence. To make the document official, it was signed by the president of the Continental Congress, John Hancock.

The first Independence Day celebration took place a year after the document was signed, on July 4th, 1777 and has been proudly celebrated by Americans ever since. The history of our country is so rich, so interesting and so meaningful. Wave your Flags high this year to celebrate our country’s birth!

Showing My Gratitude

Camouflage Shirts Woodland Camo Vintage Fatigue Shirt

Almost every American family has at least someone in it that is currently serving or has served in the military. Not only did my father work very hard to provide for our family but he also served in the Army and was an excellent role model to my brothers, sisters and me. Even though he wasn’t looking for compliments, I always found that a little of encouragement meant a lot to him. And showing my gratitude with a simple gesture really went a long way. He was and still does take pride in his strength but I know there were a few times that I saw tears in his eyes while he opened up and read a card from me.

I know first-hand how hard it is to be far away from our loved ones but it’s important to remember what they’re fighting for. A great way to show our appreciation is with a little hello and a thank you gift. There are so many different kinds of items available for either any occasion or for a special occasion.

I know one thing that my father always loved and put to use was Army Clothing and boots. Not just when he was away but anytime. I still always pick him out gifts from Army Navy Stores when it’s his birthday, Christmas or anything like that. He’s got coffee mugs, key chains, and wallets to last him the rest of his life. And he’s got enough Camouflage gear to be passed down for generations. Are any of your loved ones serving in our Military? What special ways have you found to show your love and appreciation for them?

Most Dangerous Game

As a young boy, I remember I had to read “The Most Dangerous Game” in school. That book changed my life, I wanted to be in the jungle and hunt. It intrigued me and sparked my curiosity to hunt. Of course, I did not want to hunt people! Ha-ha. I just loved the idea of being outdoors, alone and in charge of my own destiny.

I have now been Hunting for about fifteen years. It is not a hobby for me; it has become a way of life. I do not waste any bit of the animal I catch. I am not a hunter that hunts to put a head on my wall. I do it because I live off the land and do not eat processed food. All the meats I eat are from animals I have caught.
Multicam MOLLE Hydration System 3 Liter
My parents never understood why I chose the way of life I have. I try to explain to them that it is the natural progression of life. I am not raising chickens and things like that just to be slaughtered. The animals in the wilderness have lived a life in their environment. The world is a matter of Survival of the fittest.
I do not think there is anything humane about raising animals to be slaughtered. Believe it or not, I am an animal lover but I need to survive. I do not do this as a sport and I do not enjoy harming anything. When I say I was curious about the book, I meant for survival reasons. You know what I meant?

Memorial Day Sale on Army Navy Shop

Army Navy Shop would like to thank all of the brave men and women who are protecting our country in the military, and to those who have madt the ultimate sacrifice. Memorial Day, is not just about partying and getting drunk. Please at least remember what this 'holiday' is really about.

From Now Thru Memorial Day

*select items

Army Navy Shop Memorial Day SALE!

A touching picture

I came across this image on and thought I'd share it here. I hope we never forget the sacrifices our military men and women make everyday, to keep us free.

Whats your opinion? Please share your thoughts.


These days with exercise being a focus of many women's lives, a few things should be remembered. I'm not just talking about getting a new pair of sneakers or a great stylish workout outfit. I know its hard to try and fit a walk or a jog into your daily routine, but safety should be a thought.  I have found a great handheld pepper spray that fits around the hand and is small enough to be grasped into the palm.   I am also recommending a mini baton key chain, both are discreet and comfortable and provide a sense of security against animals or persons who pose a threat. 

Flag Half-Staff for Whitney Houston Controversy

The death of Singer/Actress Whitney Houston is a tragedy that rocked our nation but there is still talk about flying the flag half-staff for her funeral. Whether you were a Whitney fan or not, there is no argument that she was an American Icon. She had beauty, fame and talent but the question still remains; should the flag have been flown at half-staff for her?

The Veterans that have fought for our country and their families may feel indifferent about Whitney Houston's half-staff flag tribute. Men that serve as police officers and military personnel live and die for our Country. Flying our flag at half-staff is a way to pay homage and respect to these men. Families of these men seem to argue that Whitney Houston's tribute was a disservice to the men who they feel really deserve this honor. Although, a President or Governor has the right to decide who the flag is flown at half-staff for.

Regardless of your stance on whether the flag should have been flown half-staff for Whitney Houston or not. The flag flew as a symbol of pride, respect, mourning and remembrance.We cannot forget a woman that serenaded our Country at the Super Bowl, who sang the National Anthem so proud and who sang about giving our children confidence because they are our future.

Camping Ideas

Camping can be a great experience to bond with friends and family. Whether you want to get outside and relax in nature or explore all the different sites to see, you're in complete control of what you do on your trip. Just make sure you're prepared and have all your camping supplies ready before you head out.

Your supplies are a very important part of any kind of trip, but especially when you're camping. What you bring with you is what you have to live with so make sure you think about what you can bring to ensure everyone you're with is not only safe but as comfortable as possible. Nowadays there is so much gear and supplies to choose from that you will have to do you're homework, but being well prepared is surely the best thing you can do before you realize you're missing something and its to late.

Camping is one of the oldest and greatest pastimes so make sure you're ready and can create great memories for everyone involved.

Summer Is Coming

     The groundhog may have predicted six more weeks of winter, but most of us know that this has been one of the mildest seasons to date. Call it global warming or make your own assumptions about it, either way summer is just right around the corner. If you work in the elements or enjoy outdoor activities, do yourself a favor and stay cool with a cooldanna. This item is available in a variety of different colors and prints. It can be worn around your head or neck and will keep you cool for hours.

Irish Pride

Irish Flag St. Patrick's Day is coming soon and everyone is Irish on St Patrick's Day. You! Me! Everyone! At ArmyNavyShop we're not ones to sit on the sidelines during any kind of celebration, especially one as fun and festive as St Patty's Day. Woot! Go Green!

Get your Irish on and show your St Patty's Day spirit with a little help from your friends at ArmyNavyShop with an authentic Irish flag. Perfect for flying and waving during the holiday and for all year round if you like. The Irish national flag is a simple, yet elegant triple vertical stripe design of green, white and orange respectively.

Our Irish flag is sturdy and durable all-weather polyester and is large and in charge at 3 feet tall by 5 feet wide.

St. Patrick's Day is March 17, 2012 - there's still plenty of time to get your Irish flag in time for the big green celebration!

Zippity Do Da

It's hard to imagine that a small device used for igniting a flame could ever reach an iconic status, but one such device has managed to do so over the majority of the past century. This year marks the 80 year anniversary of Zippo brand lighters, and there are a few things you should know if you are looking to purchase one. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and these collectible little flame makers have seen their share of imposters. Here are a few things you should know about finding authentic zippo lighters.

1) Fake Zippo lighters will come with a non-Zippo insert. Real Zippo lighters will be branded with Zippo on the insert with a message about using only Zippo brand flints and fluids. A fake one just gives a message like "keep away from children" and the mount for the spring cam is usually way too wide causing it to move from side to side.

2) The Zippo stamp on the bottom of the fake lighter will often look a bit irregular. On authentic devices, the flame over the "i" is noticeably taller than the rest of the letters. On the fake, the letter Z is as tall as the top of the flame. The stamping will also be much fainter.

3) You may notice that the spot welds on authentic Zippo hinges are often oval and not very obvious. A fake lighter welds are deeper and almost perfectly round

4) The large majority of knockoff Zippos will almost always leave out an orange safety sticker. Authentic Zippo lighters have included a small orange sticker for at least 30+ years so be sure to check for that.

5) You will also want to look at the date code stamps. A fake date code stamp has thinner letters and numbers which are usually faint in appearance. Legit stampings are deep and the lines much thicker. Be sure to also check where it says "MADE IN USA". We've seen fake ones where 'USA' is taller than 'MADE IN'. Authentic lighters will always be uniform in appearance.

So tell us, have you ever been burned by a fake Zippo (pardon the pun)? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out the full line of eclectic Zippo lighters at Army Navy Shop.

What's With All The Paracord Stuff?

OK, so although we offer Paracord, basically a wad of rope, over the past year or so, sales have gone thru the roof. So I decided to look into why? Although I'm not 100% sure, it seems that many people are using it to make other items, such as paracord bracelets, lanyards, belts, necklaces and key chains. Army Navy Shop offers paracord in many different lengths and colors. I guess it's more of a craft item than an end user product. If you've never seen paracord, it's actually kinda cool. It's not like that thick rope you see in home improvement stores. It's only 5/32" thick, but has a 550 pound test strength.... that's pretty strong! It's usually made of 100 nylon and has a 7 strand core. If you are a creative kind of person, you could come up with all kinds of things that you could make using paracord. One guy made himself a guitar strap with it. Since it is available in many colors, you could even incorporate a pattern into whatever you are making. Why not share you're ideas or experiences with how you use paracord. We'd love to hear from you.

Fond Flannel Memories

Buffalo Plaid Flannel Dontcha just love flannel shirts? Such fond memories attached to them. The nineties. Grunge rock. Purposely messy hair. Torn jeans. Skipping class. Smoking in the girls room.

Me and my friends pretty much wore a flannel shirt every day of the week. We even wore them in the summer. There was just no containing the mighty breadth of our alternative rock coolness.

But alas, those days are gone. Nowadays people wear flannels simply to keep themselves warm. And it works too. Go figure.

They're no longer the Seattle-based, alternagrunge, burnout teenage fashion statement they once were, but seriously, that's a good thing. They're flannels and they're warm and that's good enough for me.

Get yourself some toasty warm flannel shirts at

Get Your Retro On

Marines Baseball Jersey Vintage and retro clothes are back in a major way. And for good reason - they're totally cool.

The past and the present are one in the same. Embrace this paradox and lead by example. Present you in a past reflective retro shirt with a future that's broad and bright.

Show some love for all things parallel, parallax and paradoxical. Grab your nearest
neighbor and tie a little knot in your small section of the string theory universe. We're all connected. Everything is.

It's not just a vintage t-shirt, it's a philosophical paradigm.

The vintage retro baseball shirts are available in: Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.