Showing My Gratitude

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Almost every American family has at least someone in it that is currently serving or has served in the military. Not only did my father work very hard to provide for our family but he also served in the Army and was an excellent role model to my brothers, sisters and me. Even though he wasn’t looking for compliments, I always found that a little of encouragement meant a lot to him. And showing my gratitude with a simple gesture really went a long way. He was and still does take pride in his strength but I know there were a few times that I saw tears in his eyes while he opened up and read a card from me.

I know first-hand how hard it is to be far away from our loved ones but it’s important to remember what they’re fighting for. A great way to show our appreciation is with a little hello and a thank you gift. There are so many different kinds of items available for either any occasion or for a special occasion.

I know one thing that my father always loved and put to use was Army Clothing and boots. Not just when he was away but anytime. I still always pick him out gifts from Army Navy Stores when it’s his birthday, Christmas or anything like that. He’s got coffee mugs, key chains, and wallets to last him the rest of his life. And he’s got enough Camouflage gear to be passed down for generations. Are any of your loved ones serving in our Military? What special ways have you found to show your love and appreciation for them?

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