Born Survivor

Everybody loves to hear stories about survival. It could be about someone that was lost at sea or lost in the woods. It’s always inspiring to hear how that person was able to survive and managed to make their way back home safe and sound.  We try to put ourselves in their situations and think about how we would have reacted and what we would be capable of doing in order to stay alive. There are even a number of shows dedicated to these scenarios. One of the shows included is “I shouldn’t be alive” which has the real survivors retelling their stories of how they got into danger and what they had to do in order to make it out of it. Some other shows such as “Survivorman” and “Man vs. Wild” show the viewer what to do and how to survive in certain situations.

Gerber Ultimate Knife Bear Grylls Survival KnifeNow, the host of Discovery’s “Man vs. Wild” Bear Grylls is working with Gerber, one of the best knife companies out there. Together they have developed a new line of knives, machetes, and fire starters for people to purchase. These items are made with the highest quality materials and even come packaged with land to air rescue SOS instructions and a pocket sized survival guide which contains some of Bear’s best survival tips. The machete or “parang” has an angled stainless steel blade to allow the user to clear brush and limbs with ease. The fire starter is compact and comes with a waterproof storage container and a lanyard to keep the item intact. All of their knives are made with a stainless steel blade and comfortable rubber slip resistant grip and are available in a variety of different styles.

 So, now that you have the tools and knowledge, go out there and put your skills to the test. Are you a survivor?

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