When you are camping in wooded areas or in bear country, you have to be extremely careful. There are people that may think it is cute to spot a bear but it is nothing of the sort! Those beautiful animals are very aggressive and a simple camping trip could cost you your life if you are not cautious!

When people go camping, it is extremely important to bring flashlights, batteries and bottled water. Those are three very crucial items that should be the first things you pack. If you are not familiar with camping and sleeping outdoors, you want to pack extremely comfortable sleeping bags and other items to sleep on.

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You may want to check the temperature rating of sleeping merchandise that will be appropriate for the climate you will be in. You want to make sure you have padding to put under the air mattress or cot you are sleeping on. That will keep you warm because it will put distance between you and the floor.

Never! I repeat never, keep food in your Tent!! Throw all your food away in the designated trash areas in your campground. If there are no areas, make sure you keep your food in a cooler and keep it far away from your tent, preferably one hundred feet away.

You can purchase bear-resistant canisters and other items that will keep bears away from your tent. Do not forget there are also creepy crawlers that can get into your food, so be vigilant and take all precautions on your outdoor adventure!

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