Reusable Shopping Bags

Do you take reusable shopping bags to the store? Everyone seems to nowadays. Not only do they make less waste, but most stores offer a discount for bringing your own bags. Where I shop, Pathmark and A & P both give a two cent discount per reusable bag and Shoprite offers a huge five cents per bag. Every penny counts. Especially in these tough economic times.

The only thing is those bags can be expensive to purchase. In the supermarket they usually sell for around $4.99 a piece. Even at 5 cents savings per bag it'll still take 100 uses just to break even. Fortunately for you, we have a cheaper reusable shopping bag. Priced at only $2.66 each our bags are nearly 50% cheaper than the average. That means your actual grocery store savings start to kick in in half the time versus the price of typical eco-shopping bags.

Being green shouldn't cost you more - it should save you money. And with our bags it actually does.

Fourth of July Fun

The Fourth of July (aka American Independence Day) is quickly approaching. Fireworks, picnics, barbecues and other forms of warm weather fun are definitely in the agenda. The first thing you'll need is a flag. You can't celebrate America without old glory. Get some mini flags to amuse the kids. Maybe do your car up with an antenna flag. There are even nifty military inspired patches you can stitch onto your clothes.

Once you've got your flags it's time for friends, food and partying. Break out your best potato salad recipe, grab your cooler, some cola and maybe a wiffle ball set and head for a park or the beach. Spend the day with friends and family, good food and lots of play. Then at night, sit back, relax and enjoy the traditional pyrotechnics.

Like any major holiday, the Fourth of July is a great way and a great reminder to celebrate family, friendship and fun. How considerate it was of our founding fathers to make it so that such a wonderful occasion is right in the heart of summer. It would've sucked if they had made this awesome day happen in the middle of winter. Yet another reason to be thankful you're an American.

Slingshot Summer Fun

It's summer and there's nothing left to watch on TV. So we must, GASP, amuse ourselves. A tall order indeed. The easiest way to amuse ourselves is with food and violence. Never fails. While we can't really help you in the food department, other than to say McDonald's is unhealthy, slingshots and boomerangs can fill those balmy summer days with excitement and danger.

A slingshot contest on empty soda bottles is better for you than Chicken McNuggets. Just be careful not to injure any animals.

A boomerang is a fascinating toy. Australians tend to be a bunch of drunken heathens, but they sure got it right there. Itt's better than a Frisbee. More fun that a unicycle.

In the summer, everyone occasionally gets bored. Most of us opt for simple distractions like freecell and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. Our politicians unfortunately have baser needs.

Explain to me again why exactly they're in charge...

Perfect Father's Day Gifts

Show Dad the love with great gifts any guy is bound to adore. It doesn't matter if Dad is an outdoor enthusiast, a couch potato, or a corporate mogul. Whether your dad is gay or straight. A jock or a nerd. All guys tend to love certain things no matter what their walk of life. Here are a few suggestions.

How about a nice cellphone slash ipod holder. He can strap it to his arm during his walks or jogs. His favorite tunes, be they megadeth or streisand will never be more than an arm's length away. He can hike or jog in confidence knowing his trusty cellular phone is securely strapped to his aging bicep. When his tired old body has failed him, he can easily call you to bring the car to pick him up.

Safety first!

Our retro military fashion t-shirts are comfy, casual and stylish. They are rocking that retro mojo with their world war two inspired pin up gal graphics, distressed look and their casual laid back fit.

Every dad deserves a great pair of summer shorts. Our vintage paratrooper cargo shorts combine comfort, maximum cargo toting ability, modern good looks, long lasting durability and a fair price for high quality apparel. Any dad will look and feel great and be proud to wear these retro styled military inspired shorts. Whether he's fishing, camping or attending a summer concert by Celine Dion.