Perfect Father's Day Gifts

Show Dad the love with great gifts any guy is bound to adore. It doesn't matter if Dad is an outdoor enthusiast, a couch potato, or a corporate mogul. Whether your dad is gay or straight. A jock or a nerd. All guys tend to love certain things no matter what their walk of life. Here are a few suggestions.

How about a nice cellphone slash ipod holder. He can strap it to his arm during his walks or jogs. His favorite tunes, be they megadeth or streisand will never be more than an arm's length away. He can hike or jog in confidence knowing his trusty cellular phone is securely strapped to his aging bicep. When his tired old body has failed him, he can easily call you to bring the car to pick him up.

Safety first!

Our retro military fashion t-shirts are comfy, casual and stylish. They are rocking that retro mojo with their world war two inspired pin up gal graphics, distressed look and their casual laid back fit.

Every dad deserves a great pair of summer shorts. Our vintage paratrooper cargo shorts combine comfort, maximum cargo toting ability, modern good looks, long lasting durability and a fair price for high quality apparel. Any dad will look and feel great and be proud to wear these retro styled military inspired shorts. Whether he's fishing, camping or attending a summer concert by Celine Dion.

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