Fourth of July Fun

The Fourth of July (aka American Independence Day) is quickly approaching. Fireworks, picnics, barbecues and other forms of warm weather fun are definitely in the agenda. The first thing you'll need is a flag. You can't celebrate America without old glory. Get some mini flags to amuse the kids. Maybe do your car up with an antenna flag. There are even nifty military inspired patches you can stitch onto your clothes.

Once you've got your flags it's time for friends, food and partying. Break out your best potato salad recipe, grab your cooler, some cola and maybe a wiffle ball set and head for a park or the beach. Spend the day with friends and family, good food and lots of play. Then at night, sit back, relax and enjoy the traditional pyrotechnics.

Like any major holiday, the Fourth of July is a great way and a great reminder to celebrate family, friendship and fun. How considerate it was of our founding fathers to make it so that such a wonderful occasion is right in the heart of summer. It would've sucked if they had made this awesome day happen in the middle of winter. Yet another reason to be thankful you're an American.

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