Slingshot Summer Fun

It's summer and there's nothing left to watch on TV. So we must, GASP, amuse ourselves. A tall order indeed. The easiest way to amuse ourselves is with food and violence. Never fails. While we can't really help you in the food department, other than to say McDonald's is unhealthy, slingshots and boomerangs can fill those balmy summer days with excitement and danger.

A slingshot contest on empty soda bottles is better for you than Chicken McNuggets. Just be careful not to injure any animals.

A boomerang is a fascinating toy. Australians tend to be a bunch of drunken heathens, but they sure got it right there. Itt's better than a Frisbee. More fun that a unicycle.

In the summer, everyone occasionally gets bored. Most of us opt for simple distractions like freecell and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. Our politicians unfortunately have baser needs.

Explain to me again why exactly they're in charge...

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