Camping supplies for first time campers

When people are first time campers, they normally do not come prepared. If they do come prepared, they usually bring way too much! As a first time camper this summer, I think I brought all the necessary supplies. The camping supplies I brought consisted of a propane lantern, tons of bug repellant, instant sting treatment and quite a few other important items.

I have to say that the sting treatment helped immensely! I stepped on a nest of some kind of bees and I saw stars! The sting treatment and ice eased the burn and pain I was dealing with. Benadryl is very vital as well; just in case you are allergic to something you step on or brush up against. At night, even though you are at a campground; the grounds are not equipped with enough lighting. A lantern and flashlights made a world of a difference. Also, citronella candles gave off not only light but protected us from bug bites.
You do not want to over pack clothes! Just make sure you bring something light for the day and something warm for the night, and over course, plenty of underwear! Do not forget to bring towels and water shoes. If you are going to venture into the water and there are rocks, the water shoes will give you grip on slippery spots. Also, always wear a life vest in the water! Even if you are a great swimmer and decide to go tubing; there is always a change of hitting your head. A life vest will save your life! These are just a few tips to help you start a great camping trip!

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