A Great Time Of Year For Camping!

When I was kid, I used to believe that when I grew and had a family, I would have plenty of time for camping and to just enjoy the great outdoors anytime I wanted.  However, that doesn't typically or whimsically happen in the real world with always being caught up in daily life, i.e., work, school, family needs. For the average full time hard-working person life rarely affords those moments. Time just gets away. Instead, those moments must be deliberated, anticipated (with much joy), and then strategically planned. 
Just before the kids go back to school, many families traditionally take an end of summer vacation.  Ours is no different. Camping trips typically offer a variety in rewarding getaways and can be cost-effective to fit any budget, including a family budget.  Whether you prefer mountains, outdoors or indoors, there are so many ways to enjoy camping.  Moreover, camping provides an opportunity to get away from it all and get in touch with and back to nature.

Luxury Camping

Whether you choose indoor camping or go old-fashioned outdoor camping, it is always best to make sure that your camping gear and equipment is in good condition.  Planning a camping trip can also be a good excuse to replace or invest in some new camping gear and/or hiking gear.

Here is a short sample of the things you'll need to make your camping experience easier and be on your way:  For example, sleeping bags, blankets, tent, tarp, duct tape, rope, fire-starter, a reliable knife, stakes & bolts, first-aid kit, insect repellent, compass, cooking items, games and toys for the kids, and miscellaneous items, just to name a few things.
A good checklist, which will vary depending on the type of camping, activities you're planning, and your destination, can be helpful in planning and gathering equipment

Whether you're headed for the Adirondacks, the Appalachian Trail, way out west for a California Adventure, or somewhere in between, the Army Navy Shop can help accommodate your clothing needs as well as gearing you up with all the essentials for a successful camping trip or just a weekend getaway!
Lastly, there are so many great places to go camping and hiking.  Not sure where you want to go camping?  Though not a complete or comprehensive list, we've scoped out a list of 26 best and most popular places for hiking and camping.

Go on and revel in the beauty of nature, the grandiosity of the outdoors, solitude and fun towards achieving the classic camping adventure and making some great memories along the way. Most of all, take time to enjoy your life!

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