Site Redesign

We've redesigned our site. We hope you like it and that it's easier than ever to find what you're looking for.

The new design was inspired by the very popular digital camouflage styles that are used by the united states military forces. The same digital camo style that we sell in our men's, women's and kid's clothing departments. They are extremely popular and great looking too!

The logo was redesigned using an army digital camouflage pattern for the lettering. The same pattern (only lighter) is then utilized on various highlight areas of the page to break up the content and clearly mark important sections.

The navigation bar has been condensed to make it easier to find what you want. The main category arrow buttons feature a cascading submenu that can easily be expanded and contracted by clicking on the little black arrows on the right of the buttons.

A large and easily spotted view your cart button was added to the top right of the home page. Quick and convenient access back to your shopping basket from wherever you roam on the site.

A caption was added to remind existing customers and to alert to ones to our most important quality points: Low prices! Fast shipping! Trusted since 1984.

So many business come and go on the internet and off. Armynavyshop has been in the retail business since 1984 and serving internet customers since 1998. We're here to stay.

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