Sufferin Succotash... Flyer's Hats!

Be vewy vewy quiet... I'm hunting wabbits. And fwyer hats.

Even if you don't have a severe speech impediment or a jones for a certain cross-dressing, carrot munching, sarcastic rabbit, you can still be just like that dastardly and dubious hunter, Elmer Fudd. Say what you will about good ol' Elmer, but the man was nothing if not persistant.

I don't know whether it's rabbit season or duck season or even if such seasons actually exist, but I do know this hat is awesome. I mean, what could possibly be better than a hat that makes you resemble a dim-witted cartoon hunter who never actually kills anything. A hat that makes you look like a cat eating alien from the planet melmac maybe. But that hat does not yet exist. This one does. So let's just be thankful for small miracles.

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