Love Your Baby Military Style

Do you love your baby? Of course you do! It's your baby for goodness sake. But, do you love your baby enough to dress them as cool as they deserve to be dressed?

Sure, department stores are full of cutesy outfits for infants. But your baby is cool. Your baby deserves better than some common department store infant rack frock. Your baby deserves camouflage! Because camouflage is what all the cool babies are wearing.

On top of the empirical coolness factor, our camouflage clothes for infants are soft, cuddly and way less expensive than the typical stuff you'd find in your local chain store.

So stop being such a lousy parent and start treating your little one right. Get them some baby camo clothes. Quickly. There isn't much time. They're only infants briefly. If you fail them now, they'll spend the rest of their life being uncool and hating you for it.

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