Night Vision - Stalk in Style

Ever wanted to stalk someone (Ex-girlfriend. Evil boss. Unwitting soulmate) But were too afraid to do so? Perhaps your delicate features would betray you in prison. Or maybe you have a phobia of tubular metal bars. Whatever the reason you wish not to go to prison for stalking, but still feel compelled to stalk someone, there is a solution to your dilemna.

Night vision optics are perfect for covert surveilance. The dark will provide you cloak, but with night vision your eyes will see as though it were daylight. Binoculars will increase your visual distance. You can be far enough away to remain undetectable to your 'soulmate' and still see her up close and possibly unclothed. Camo clothing rounds out the agenda. Bushes and trees are your allies when stalking potential 'soulmates'. To blend in to them is as simple as throwing on some smokey branch or woodland camo apparel.

If your subject is hyperaware. As they tend to become after too many months of your undying love, you may need to employ the ghillie suit approach. These superior camouflage outfits will conceal you almost entirely. Your 'soulmate' will see only a tree while you intently gaze upon her as she lays across her bed in her booty shorts and scribbles her naughty secrets into her diary,

Stalking in the 21st century is a complicated and potentially dangerous prospect. But Love demands sacrifice and risk. You can keep your stalking love affair burning bright with these simple tools that will make you virtually invisible to the one you love. Because, really, what is love without a little mystery and gunplay.

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