Ode to the Spork

camper's sporks Spork - What an awesome, silly sounding name. Yet, its whimsical name belies its dutiful purpose. For the spork is a
camper's very best friend. What mad genius invented this marvel of the utensil world?

Sure, forks are good. As are spoons and knives. But none alone can compare to the threefold greatness that is the SPORK!

But the spork shouldn't be exclusive to campers. Everyone should use them all the time. Think of the space you'd save in your cutlery drawer and in your dishwasher. Think about it. And the hassle you'd avoid when eating. Instead of fumbling with a separate fork, spoon and knife you'd eat your meals elegantly and in style using the superior all in one food delivery apparatus that is the spork!

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