Ideal for Robbing Convenience Stores

Times are tough. The news keeps saying the economy is getting better, yet somehow it mysteriously isn't. Go figure... the media is telling us lies. That's never happened before. NOT!

But we do what we have to do to survive in our times. We walk instead of drive. We bicycle. We rob local convenience stores. Maybe even banks. Depending on our level of ambition.

Hey, we were robbed first. And often. All those bailouts for people making six figures, plus million dollar bonuses. And then big corps like GE pay absolutely no taxes. And now gas prices have gone all crazy AGAIN!

With big dilemmas like these, the answers aren't always clear, but in this case, I think they are very obvious. Robbery is the answer. If you are robbed, steal back. It's in the bible... an eye for an eye.

But unlike Chevy and Bank of America your theft is considered illegal by the government. So please disguise yourself first.

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