Camouflage Wonderland

Are you a fan of camouflage? Because if you are, you'll have noticed how it's evolved over the years. It's quite striking really to see the progression.

Back in the day, way back, camo was just shades of brown and green in hard to discern patterns.

In the 80's and 90's camouflage hit a broader stride. It became a fashion statement and a fashion staple. Suddenly there were all colors of camo. Red. Blue. Purple. It was as if a color wheel had sex with a tree.

Even still, though the camouflage and military fashion trend has its beginnings in the eighties and nineties, it didn't truly explode until the 2000's. It was then that manufacturers began marketting to a broader, more style oriented demographic.

Suddenly there were way more clothes for women, kids, babies, teens and more mens stuff too. There came pink. Digital. Desert Digital. Retro. Vintage. And so many more. Today it's a camouflage wonderland. Join the party.

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