Survival Items: What You Might Need – Part 5

by Chris Vegvary

What kind of survivalist are you? Do you think that the supposedly pending apocalypse will come from nuclear devastation of some kind, or do you believe it might start with a zombie attack? Whatever you believe in terms of how it’s all going to end, you’re going to need the gear to help you survive the aftermath. There are many items to consider, and in this article, we’ll consider a survival situation and what you might need in that instance.

Alright, this time aliens have invaded the Earth. After a devastating air assault, followed by a ground assault to wipe out any remaining resistance, the world is pretty much done at this point. However, you and probably some other have survived. Do you have a kerosene lamp with plenty of fuel and extra wicks? Hopefully you read this article in time and prepared for the worst. It’s likely the alien attacks will have wiped out all or most forms of communication, as well as electrical devices, meaning no lights and no heat.

What if there is also some kind of biological contagion released in the air? It’s possible that this contagion spreads quickly, causing its victims to either die a slow, painful death, or possibly mutate into horrific creatures. Either way, you don’t want to catch it. There’s one way to make sure that doesn’t happen: get yourself a gas mask and some extra filters for it. The last thing you want when leading the rebellion against the aliens is to end up falling prey to their nasty future weapons, and all possibilities should be considered. We don’t want to underestimate them, that’s what got us in this situation in the first place.

Since electronics won’t work due to no electricity, it’s possible that the aliens’ attacks did not corrupt every single electronic device on the planet. Clinging to that hope, you’ve kept items like your cellphone and maybe an iPod handy so that the world will have some form of music in the future, despite what your preferences regarding that may be. You’ll have no way to charge any devices, though, right? Wrong, I tell you. With this solar charger, all you’ll need to get all that stuff working again is the sun. The only issue will arise if they have already thought that far ahead, and either wipe out any chance of electronics working across the globe, or they block out the sun. Either way is terrifying.

Now you’re a little better prepared in case this horrible future ever comes to pass. But if we plan now, maybe we won’t need to stock up on these kinds of items. It’s always good to be prepared, so I would think that if aliens DO attack anytime in the near future, you’re going to be ready to lead us all to a brighter tomorrow by surviving the apocalypse and wasting some alien scum.

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