Isn't it time we've gone in to get U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban?

by Mike Giordan
Our Marines have a famous saying. Leave No Man Behind!
U.S.Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been held by some Taliban terrorists for more than 4 years. You can clearly see in this recent photograph that his health is deteriorating and he's only 26!

So Bergdahl is in the Army. Does that mean we leave him behind? HELL NO! It's time we pulled a rescue mission like the good old days. If our military can sneak in and get Bin Laden, surely we can find and rescue a U.S. military soldier. I know there were those who say he deserted and deserves what he gets, but that may just be rumors. Without proof, he's still a U.S. soldier and we should get him back. We can figure out the truth after he is retrieved. I mean, there are also rumors that he is now a Taliban, and that he hates the U.S. Nobody really knows - whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Take for instance the rumor that Bergdahl was teaching his captors how to make bombs. The Pentagon has disproved that rumor. So maybe, these other rumors are also lies. Either way, the man is still a U.S. citizen and he should be rescued.  
 I'm sure some will say that these terrorists will eventually let him go. They did agree to let him go last June -  if we released several of their important Guantanamo Bay prisoners. We all know that's not going to happen, so there he sits, never knowing if this is his last day alive. 

If, and it's probably a big if, our military were to rescue Bergdahl, it would send a clear message to terrorists around the globe that the U.S., not just the Marines, leaves NO man behind! This single mission could help decrease the likelihood of this kind of thing from happening again. What is happening to this country?

We used to rescue soldiers and even civilians that were held hostage. These days it seems like it's left up to the families of the victims to try to find a way to rescue their loved ones, and these families do not have the resources that our government has. Wake up America! Rescue this guy already!

Another benefit to this rescue, and it's a big one, is the return of patriotism to this country. I remember 9-11 and the patriotism that this country had after the attacks! In my lifetime, I never saw Democrats, Republicans, Independents and even Liberals ALL display their flags! For the first time in my life we seemed to be a UNITED America! 

UPDATE - This was written months ago and a lot has come out and changed since I wrote this. The big news as I'm sure everyone knows is that he has been traded for some high level terrorists. Also 4 of our men died trying to save this guy. Seems to me that Obama would rather free terrorists to save a guy who it now seems was a deserter. Still, until his day in court, we should not condemn him. Seems to me though that the President was wrong in making a trade. The future harm the released terrorists will surely do far outweighs the actions of the President. I still think if we rescued this guy there would have been less casualties than the 4 men who lost their lives and all the other Americans who may die because of the release of the terrorists that were traded. Since when did America trade with terrorists and for that matter one for five???
What ever happened to BRAVERY? Us going in and rescuing this guy.... for all we know this guy wasn't worth saving - but again, let's not pass that judgement until there is a trial and a verdict.


  1. I just watched Captain Phillips, a true story of a daring rescue. We should do the same for him.

  2. Look at the picture and the terrorists face. I'd love to wioe that smirk off his face!

  3. how horrible that he has been captive this long.