Survival Items: What You Might Need – Part 4

by Chris Vegvary

What kind of survivalist are you? Do you think that the supposedly pending apocalypse will come from nuclear devastation of some kind, or do you believe it might start with a zombie attack? Whatever you believe in terms of how it’s all going to end, you’re going to need the gear to help you survive the aftermath. There are many items to consider, and in this article, we’ll consider a survival situation and what you might need in that instance.

Let’s say that this time around, there’s been a massive flood that wipes out most, if not all, land out there. For some reason or another (maybe you were in a boat or something), you were lucky enough to get away from the rising tide and survive. Not only that, but you were able to get some of your survival gear, which in this case includes a plastic matchbox full of wooden, “strike anywhere” matches. Not that they’ll necessarily help you out in this event, seeing as all land could be submerged underwater at this point, but there’s always a possibility. Let me put it this way: you’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I mean, it’s the end of the world here, right?

You know what else might be good in this situation? Some waterproof clothing. The last thing you want in a world full of water is to go around wearing something wet. While you’ll always be out there among the water now that the world works that way, there are ways of making it easier on you. Consider, if you will, this pair of Sealskinz Waterproof All Season Socks to keep the water from soaking your feet, hence, keeping you from being colder than you no doubt already are. It may not be the first thing you think of, but I’m confident that something like this will help out in this horrifying watery new world.

While there are many things out there to consider in this situation, it might also be prudent to keep a journal of your thoughts through these dreary apocalyptic days. But let’s keep in mind that you may be on a rickety boat or raft, and no matter how much you write, the water eventually soaks your notebook, making it all a waste of effort. Ah ha, though…you thought ahead and brought a whole bunch of pens and whatnot, but you also got a waterproof notebook so that this end-of-the-world scenario can be ever so slightly less bleak.

No matter how you look at it, the end of the world is going to be a bad thing. Rioting, looting, murder, and worse…what can we do? We can consider many, if not at some point eventually ALL, of the possibilities that may lie ahead. This may not be what you’re looking for, but hopefully it helps you in some small way to prepare.