Military Clothing for Cold Weather

by Chris Vegvary

If you’re like me, you don’t really care where your clothing comes from, as long as it’s clean (and in most cases, new), fits well, and keeps you warm when you need to be. Unfortunately for those of us with thin blood, winter is here and that means cold weather. While this is all going on out there in the world, I figured it might help if you took a look at some military clothing to help you out during these cold times.

First things first: you want a decent jacket that’s going to help you keep warm when you’re out in the snow. I submit to you that this snorkel parka can help do the job, what with its water-repellent nylon shell a fur trim hood. Not too shabby, I’d say, and it’s something I’d rather have than my current jacket. Warm enough, but too large for me. With this, the snow melting on you would just turn to water and roll off the jacket, which is more than enough reason for me to want one.

Next up, I would say you probably want a good pair of gloves. I don’t know about you, but when my hands get cold, I find it hard to function, especially if I have to drive or anything. With that in mind, and the possibility of having to thrust your hand into some snow in order to open a vehicle door, for example, I would go with the Seal Skinz Chillblocker Gloves, which not only provide protection from the cold with many layers, but they are also waterproof. Not too shabby if you happen to drop your keys into a snow mound or something of the like.

But in order to keep most of your body heat in, a jacket and gloves might not be enough. Sure, there’s snow boots and snow pants, but even that might prove to be less than you want. When it gets cold, you want to wear as many layers as you can. I suppose that actually depends on the situation you’re in, but you might consider wearing something thermal. In that case, I would recommend these selections of military thermal underwear to really help keep in the warmth.

While that stuff in itself might not be enough to keep you warm, in particular, well…at least it’s a start. It’s military clothing, but the items I’ve listed seem warm enough and water-resistant enough, and if I had the money to spend, you can bet that’s how I’d be dressing this winter. While I’ll have to make do with what I have, if you can spend the extra money, it would probably be worth it this winter, what with the temperature being -20 degrees in some places. Just saying.


  1. Nice article Chris. I'll have to get me a pair of those Seal Skinz gloves. It sure is cold here.

  2. You've got an interesting way of writing.

  3. It's sure cold out tonight. I wish I had gotten a new jacket. These guys seem to have a good selection.