Why Is It So Cold Out?

by Chris Vegvary

I realize it’s winter and that there’s a bunch of arctic air coming down from the north, but seriously, what’s the deal? It’s been negative degree weather for more than a couple days now, and the snow, while nice-looking, is kind of deadly. People don’t understand how to drive in the weather, thinking they do, and then they cause an accident. That’s what this weather does to people.

It’s freaking cold, and we all want to stay warm, and with the right clothing, you can do that. Thermal underwear is important to keep your body heat in, and you don’t want to be caught out there in the snow without a good pair of boots. Keep your neck and face from getting cold with some scarves or face/neck warmers. And, as always, don’t let your hands get so cold that you can’t function with them; use a good pair of gloves. This should all be basic knowledge, but just in case it’s not, hopefully this helps you prepare better.

When’s summer coming already? This cold air is causing some issues on the east coast now, bringing down snow and sleet, and there will be some hazardous road conditions with all the ice that’ll be forming. Don’t get too discouraged, though. Snow brings at least a few pleasant things, like the necessity to build a nice fire, or the ability to go out sledding, making snowmen, and so on in that fashion. Christmas is right around the corner too, so don’t forget to look for some gifts for the family this holiday season. 

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