Military Technology and its Awesomeness

by Chris Vegvary

What kind of modern world are we living in, where 3D printers exist that can produce fish scales to improve armor, or hypersonic spy planes exist, or a drone the size of a dragonfly can see what you’re doing without you knowing? It’s all happening so fast, and yet, technology works that way. It moves fast. One year, you have the top-of-the-line computer system, and by the next year, it’s been obsolete for the last decade somehow.
Fish Scale Armor?

Robots carry weapons into battle. How much longer before we have an army of Robocop-type (or Terminator-style) androids to do all the ground work for us? Obviously that technology is nowhere near completion, if it’s being considered at all, but one can dream. Drones may also being considered as pets in the future. What’s up, technology? You keep getting better all the time, but I still have yet to see an actual flying car, or a hover-tank, or how about some of that cloaking technology that makes you invisible to the human eye? That’s ok, I believe that one day, all the good stuff us non-military folk want to see in the way of military technology will be provided to us through patience.
Tiny, tiny drones

Build us an android, guys. We want to see something like Bishop from the movie Aliens, something that can function on its own while seeming indistinguishable from another human being. I know it’s going to take time, but when our technology gets to that level, I can’t wait to see what good surprises are in store for the military. Flamethrower sentry units? If they don’t exist, let’s see it happen. I’m not going to pretend to dictate the course of military technology (although that would be awesome), but I do like to suggest things even if I know they’re not necessarily feasible. Who knows what the future will bring…
This android requires a mechanic

But enough about that. While we’re living in modern times, it might be nice to use all the gear you can in order to get the job (whatever that may be) done. Therefore, under this article there are some links to certain military items that you may need to get by in today’s world. Check them out, you just might find several things you like.


  1. Tiny drones scare me. Especially if they use them to spy on us.

  2. I wonder what technology we will have when I'm 60. It'll be amazing, I'm sure.

  3. Nice posting. Could have done without the 'gross' picture though.

  4. It's the big drones, with the big weapons that scare me. Hell, when we start seeing the little drones all over the place, I'm sure someone will come out with something like a fly swatter - hehe - drone swatters.