The Importance of a Good Survival Knife

by Chris Vegvary

You know what’s fun? Knives. Not that it’s fun to let children play with or anything, but us adults can enjoy the look, feel, and uses of a good blade. Whether it’s a rubber knife for training or a military-style machete for chopping brush out of the way, knives, blades, and survival items of the like are so important when you’re out there in the wilderness. You may not think it when you’re at home packing for a hunting trip or something, but when you get there, you might wish you had. What could be the reason for that? What if some crazy animal comes out of the woods looking to make you its next meal? That right there is a good reason to carry a knife, even if it’s only for self-defense.

It’s good to have a blade with some chopping power behind it, so keeping it covered and sharpened is important. If you don’t believe me, just go ask Bear Grylls, who is apparently one of the experts when it comes to surviving in the wild. Some of the knives he sells come with important survival tools other than just a knife, including fire starters. Think about being stuck out there in nature with no way home, and all you have is your Bear Grylls survival knife. It’s getting cold and you need warmth. Pull out the fire starter hidden away in the handle and boom, instant campfire (some assembly required). Just remember that it’s always smart to have a good survival knife any time you go out for more than a day.

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  1. The Bear Grylls knife is sweet. Very sharp knife. I use mine all the time.