Survival Items: What You Might Need - Part 1

by Chris Vegvary

What kind of survivalist are you? Do you think that the supposedly pending apocalypse will come from nuclear devastation of some kind, or do you believe it might start with a zombie attack? Whatever you believe in terms of how it’s all going to end, you’re going to need the gear to help you survive the aftermath. While we don’t sell guns, there are many other items to consider, and in this article, we’ll consider a survival situation and what you might need in that instance.

The apocalypse has come in the form of a zombie attack, but it’s not clear where it originated from. While you feel fine, you have no idea if the virus that caused this is airborne or not. To filter out unwanted air, you may want to consider a gas mask. Not only should it provide protection from harsh air conditions, but it may also help make you look imposing should you encounter another survivor who thinks they’re going to take your stuff. It’s possible that it might provide protection from a zombie aiming to bite your face off.

When winter comes, the zombies become slower, and you may see a decrease in the number you encounter. Cold weather is detrimental to anyone’s body, living or dead, so you want to stay warm when you’re out there. If you’ve found some kind of shelter that can keep the zombies out for the night, you can sit in your 2-person Polarshield survival blanket, meant to keep you as warm as two people can be wrapped up in a giant, soft piece of tinfoil. It may not be desirable, but if you can’t build a fire for fear of drawing unwanted attention, one of these might be the best way to go not only for heat, but for staying unnoticed.

You know you’re going to need some kind of weapon to defend yourself in case things with the undead (or other survivors) get a little hairy. While a machete provides some amount of distance between you and your intended target, it may be a little too heavy, causing it to take longer for you to swing. In order to have maximum efficiency, you may want to consider a smaller blade, such as a knife. This Bear Grylls survival knife can not only get the job done when stabbing a zombie in the brain, but it includes necessary survival items, like a built-in fire starter, a stainless steel pommel for hammering, a sharpener, and an emergency whistle for drawing crowds of the undead to wherever you may need to lure them.

These three items, while probably not at the top of your list, will definitely help even the odds in your favor, no matter how slightly. It’s better to be kind of prepared than not prepared at all, but it would be preferable to have everything you need all at once. If you find yourself worrying about an apocalyptic event that may or may not occur sometime in the near future (or ever), don’t be afraid to stock up on the items you need, which you can find by following the links throughout the article. If you’re looking for more survival gear, please take some time to check out the page located here.

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  1. A guy I know has a storm shelter that he has set up for any kind of disaster. He has a years worth of food in it with all kinds of tools and survival items including gas masks. I hope I'm close to hu=is house if something ever happens.
    Nice article.