Obama Cuts Military Pay Raises To 1% - 50 cents a day for some!!!

Obama cuts military pay raises to 1%

Holy cow! I'm writing this as the world waits to see if Obama will get Congess to approve blowing the crap out of Syria. What many don't know is that during all of this, he reduced military raises to only 1%. Hey buddy, these are the guys defending out Nation. A private in the US Army starts out at around $350 a week. Lucky him, next year he'll get a big 3 1/2 dollar a week raise. Hmmmm, let's see, so Mr President, You're asking our American youth to join the military, defend our country, risk winding up dead or missing limbs, and how you show your appriciation is we'll be raising their already meager salaries in 2014 by 50 cents a day! What a bargain!

Sorry folks, but I don't understand how we sit back and watch this nonsense. Nothing against unions, teachers, etc. God bless any organization that can bargain in good faith to get a good salary for workers. The National average pay for teachers back in 2011 was $56,069 a year, so I'm sure it's a bit higher now. God knows teachers deserve a good salary, and many deserve more than what they are making.... but c'mon man, are we saying that a soldier, making a mere $18,200 a year , around one third of what a teacher makes, should only get a 50 cent a day raise? 

This Obama guy originally said he was going after the rich - that they should pay more in taxes. Now he cuts military raises  to 1%.  These patriotic guys, who are defending our country deserve more than a half a buck a day Mr. President! If we wind up in another war, how long do you think it will be before you'll have to bring back the draft? Patriotic or not, many of our youth will just weigh it out and say that for just a little less, they'd rather work at McDonalds and risk being burned on a griddle. At least at McDonalds, if they do a good job they'll get a raise, and when they do it will surely be more than a half a buck a day!

God Bless America and the men and women that defend it!

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